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These fantasy wrestling tips and e-Fed tips will help you accomplish your goals, win more often, and better enjoy the fantasy wrestling experience. These tips apply to almost all fantasy wrestling organizations.

Fantasy Wrestling Tip # 1: Know Wrestling – Wrestling is two big brawny guys dancing around in their underwear in the middle of the ring well, yes. But it is a lot more than that too. To be successful, you need to know the mechanics of the sport. Know what the moves are and how they affect the person they are performed on.

Fantasy Wrestling Tip # 2: Know the E-Fed Rules – Each fantasy wrestling game has its own set of rules. Learn the rules. Not following the rules can lead to sanctions. Minor violations can result in penalties and/or disqualifications. Major and flagrant rule violations can lead to banning from the e-fed. As far as fantasy wrestling tips go, this one is invaluable.

Fantasy Wrestling Tip # 3: Know the Etiquette of the Game – Some rules of behavior are unique to the world of e-feds. The best sources for the unwritten fantasy wrestling etiquette rules are the more experienced players. They may chide you after you breach etiquette, but acknowledge the faux pas, apologize, and don't repeat your mistakes.

Fantasy Wrestling Tip # 4: Watch Matches – The fantasy wrestling players who have watched matches for years are the ones who do best in a fantasy wrestling league. They learn match rhythms. They learn how promos are cut. They learn about storyline arcs.

Sowatch matches. Watch new matches, old matches, American matches, international matches, technical matches, brawls, singles matches and tag team matches. The Internet is a great source for matches, and one of the best fantasy wrestling tips you'll ever get is to watch and study these matches.

Fantasy Wrestling TipsUnderstand what makes a match bad, mediocre, good and great. The more you watch wrestling matches, the more you'll understand how to develop characters and storylines.

Fantasy Wrestling Tip # 5: Be Creative and Original – Wanting to know what happens next motivates you to keep watching a tv show.

The same is true in fantasy wrestling. Write stories, promos and matches that draw the audience in.

Fantasy Wrestling Tip # 6: Don't Plagiarize – Calling your wrestler Hulk Hogan and making his finishing move the legdrop is lame. But it's also plagiarism.

If your goal is to get kicked out of an e-fed as fast as you can, then recreate trademarked characters online. E-feds hate lawsuits.

Fantasy Wrestling Tip # 7: Study Professional Wrestling – Matches on video are a great resource, but they're not the only resource. Use other forms of media to study the game too. Read insider magazines, biographies, and autobiographies. Books written by professional wrestling bookers provide the best insight on the background information you need to develop character and matches.

Fantasy Wrestling Tip # 8: Observe the Game - A lot of e-feds post the stories written by the players. Whether it is a simple game where the players take turns trading holds. or a more complicated game where the player writes out his whole storyline, you can read these actions and see how the game progressed. You can compare what the owner of the e-fed (and usually the arbiter of the game) is looking for. When you feel you have determined the gist of what the site is looking for in the game, you can use that to help you in game play.

Fantasy Wrestling Tip # 9: Start Simple - Fantasy wrestling games can get involved. Many e-feds feature intricacies that can boggle the mind of a newcomer. The best sites have a multiple tiered system that lets beginners get experience. As you gain experience, you move up the rankings and may move to different levels based on how well you play the game.

Fantasy Wrestling Tip # 10: Talk To Other Players – Most fantasy wrestling sites require you to stay in character most of the time. But the better sites provide “out of character” sections where you can communicate with other players. Get fantasy wrestling tips from more experienced players there. You can also get information on other sites. Many players play fantasy wrestling at more than one site.

Fantasy Wrestling Tip # 11: Find Niches You Enjoy – Some sites have different niches. Tag teams would be an example of a niche. Playing a tag team automatically doubles your work in the game. You need to develop 2 characters as a team and develop each one’s maneuvers, as well as tandem maneuvers. If you find it hard trying to play one character, a tag team site may not be right for you. So stick with what makes you comfortable and what you enjoy.

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