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E-Fed Fantasy Wrestling Rules

Fantasy wresting rules vary depending on the method by which you decide to play. Multiple methods for playing fantasy wrestling include fantasy wrestling by mail, fantasy wrestling by email, and fantasy wrestling board games.

But the most popular method of playing fantasy wrestling is the e-fed, and the rules for those kinds of fantasy wrestling games are what this article focuses on.

E-fed fantasy wrestling rules can be classified into a few types:

Fantasy Wrestling Roleplaying Rules

One type of fantasy wrestling e-fed is role playing. These fantasy wrestling games are based on how well the player writes a story. Some sites want the player to "script" the whole encounter, from the interviews to the actual maneuvers used in the match to the post match interviews.

These sites award points for how effective the story is. Some fantasy wrestling roleplaying sites also look at how creative the player is, while others look at how realistic the story is. Fantasy wrestling roleplaying sites focused on realism are known as "shoot" e-feds.

The rules of these sites vary based on the target audience. A family friendly or "PG" fantasy wrestling roleplaying site disallow sexual scenarios or vulgar language. An "extreme" or adult fantasy wrestling roleplaying site allows both sexual scenarios and explicit language.

Match Focused Wrestling Roleplaying Rules

Fantasy Wrestling RulesAnother type of fantasy wrestling is an offshoot of the role playing style. This fantasy wrestling game still focuses on writing a story, but it focuses on the actual match itself. The rules emphasize maneuvers, and the game is played in a "round system", where one player writes the action for his player, then his opponent writes the action for his player. The site owner acts as the arbiter for the actual impact of the maneuver. These sites tend to treat wrestling as a "real" sport rather than focusing on it as entertainment.

Antics Focused Wrestling Roleplaying Rules

Then there is the opposite, where an e-fed focuses on the outside antics of the fantasy wrestling characters. In these promotions, the match itself is not considered. The promos, storylines and the overall plot of their characters interaction are judged on creativity.

Points Promotion Fantasy Wrestling Rules

Several fantasy wrestling rules come into play in "points promotions" e-feds. These sites combine elements of several genres of e-fed and award points based on the activity. These points are then determined to determine contenders and champions as well as who competes against whom.

Dice Wrestling Rules

One other major type of e-fed is dice wrestling. This evolved from the board games of the late 1980. The rules of this fantasy wrestling method are dictated by the “roll” of virtual online dice.

Meticulous Rules VS Lax Rules

No matter what method of e-fed that you choose to play, all sites list their rules on the site. On some sites, the rules are meticulous. On others the rules of fantasy wrestling are lax.

Most sites list what sanctions you can expect for violating the rules. Most sites has a rule about “breaking character.” While on the site you are always playing the game, so any statements that are made via comments, messages, etc, must be made in character.

The one exception is for sections specifically designed not to be part of the game. These sections are designated to ask questions of the site owners about the mechanics of the game, and some also provide a section for casual social interaction.

If you do choose to use the “out of character” sections, it is important to know that you are not in the game or in character, so “cutting a promo” (acting rude, insulting or threatening) on another player in this section is not only considered taboo, but is usually a violation of the fantasy wrestling game rules. You can expect to incur extreme sanctions like banishment if you flame and troll in these sections.

Legal Rules Related to Fantasy Wrestling

Although the rules on most e-fed sites focus on the actual mechanics of the game, a higher emphasis on most sites is place on civility and abiding by legal requirements. Threatening other players, rudeness, or verbal attacks will result in severe actions taken by the site administrators.

As for legal rules, infringing on wrestler’s trademark characters using real characters from major wrestling organizations can result in getting banned from the site and/or getting sued or arrested.

On e-fed sites, it is quite common to find players who will reiterate the organizations rules of fantasy wrestling without even involving site administrators. Several sites will see players “policing” themselves and advising players not only of the rules, but proper etiquette (i.e. not typing in all caps, staying in character, etc.). These players will often have the ear of the administrator or owner of the site, so heed their warnings.

Most of the intricacies of the rules involve maneuvers per turn, what a storyline can and cannot involve, the length of a story, or even the length of a promo. Much like in “real” professional wrestling, time limits are given to wrestlers due to TV constraints.

The rules of fantasy wrestling include some way to win matches or titles. These rules have a way to accumulate points based on how well the story is written and the maneuvers performed.

These scores determine who is pitted against whom, how the character is ranked for titles and who wins championships.

Some sites actually have several lower titles for players to vie for, and then a world championship, so players can compete at different levels to gain experience.

The best way to understand fantasy wrestling rules is to review each site’s rules section and then decide if it’s the right site for you to play on.

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