How to Play Fantasy Wrestling

Tutorial for Playing Fantasy Wrestling

A common question among wrestling fans is "how to play fantasy wrestling." This article offers some answers, in the form of a tutorial for playing fantasy wrestling, but since there is no single way to play, this article will never be complete. Fantasy wrestling rules vary by how you choose to play and who is running the game.

How to Play Fantasy Wrestling by Mail

Although hard to find now, one of the most popular and the predecessor of all fantasy wrestling games was the play by mail game. In the play by mail game, a fantasy character would be created based on a list of characteristics and maneuvers provided by the “promoter.” The promoter would then schedule matches based on the number of characters in the game.

This was an interesting method because even when involved in the matches, most players did not know the story behind how to play the mail method of fantasy wrestling. How it worked was that players would mail a maneuver or list of maneuvers and the promoter would put them head to head. The players would then wait for a result, more than likely the statement they were waiting for was not if they won, but if it was their turn (especially if it was a one move per letter game.)

How to Play Fantasy Wrestling TutorialWhat the players did not really know (although most assumed) is that most promoters would assign a point value not known to players that would essentially decide the outcome based on the “devastation of the move.” A winner would be determined by the person reaching a set number of points, however, the player must have attempted a pinfall or submission after the number of points are reached. The play would not have known if their attempt to pin or make their opponent submit would be successful because the point system was only known by the person running the game.

The winners of these matches would be pitted head to head and rankings and championships would be determined by win/loss records.

How to Play Fantasy Wrestling by Email

As technology became readily available, these play by mail games turned into email games. The email methods became popular, very quickly as the email method had a much faster turn around. Fantasy wrestling games could be held in one day vs. weeks of months by the mail method.

How to Play Fantasy Wrestling on the Internet

With the advent of websites, the methods of how to play fantasy wrestling exploded. This was also accompanied by actual wrestling organizations such as the World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment) and the now defunct World Championship Wrestling “lifting the veil” so to speak of how the wrestling industry worked. So methods of how to play fantasy wrestling became varied and allowed for different aspects of the sport to be played out in the fantasy world.

E-feds, as they are called in the world of fantasy wrestling have several different categories. A person can choose groups based on storylines or “angles”, “Be the Promoter (aka Be the Booker)” organizations where one person controls all the wrestlers and it is based on the quality of the writing and characters created (creating a promoter v. promoter feuds such as the WWF v. WCW Monday Night Wars in the 1990’s), groups that are all female characters, virtual dice based promotions and several more variations.

Most E-feds are free or low cost, so the technology that is used in most groups is very basic and very easy to come by. For example, several e-feds are based on a bulletin board (or forum) platform or a blog platform.

How to Play Fantasy Wrestling via Message Boards

How to play fantasy wrestling on a bulletin board or forum system is fairly simple. Based on the individual rules, the play will post in the appropriate forum, almost always the player is required to stay “in character” on these specific “player” forums. Multiple events could be playing on the different forums. Some games have “tiered” systems by which a play has to work their way from “house shows” (the real wrestling equivalent of local, non televised shows), weekly television events and the top tier of Pay-Per-View events. Within each tier, the placement of the players match is indicative of the players ranking within the e-fed.

How to Play Fantasy Wrestling via Blogs

On a blog platform, how to play fantasy wrestling can vary quite a bit. Some groups have a specific blog article that they post their match maneuvers via comments, some groups have an email format that harkens back to the old play by mail/play by email methods in which the e-fed owner would then post the “play by play” of the match and the outcome.

E-feds, however, are not just maneuver versus maneuver. E-fed require creativity and skill. Most games of today require relatable and realistic storylines. For example, a wrestler can run out and attack another wrestler during an interview or “promo.” This may get the attacking wrestler some points. But if that same attacking wrestler puts in as part of his storyline the reason for the attack, such as the wrestler that was attacks stole his girlfriend, that player would get more “creative” points, and the more creative, yet realistic, the more points that can potentially be awarded. This is actually a result of the wrestling boom of the 1990’s where organizations such as Extreme Championship Wrestling and it’s owner Paul Heyman would look to blur the line between the fictitious wrestling storyline and reality, drawing from the real lives of his wrestlers. This was a successful way of promoting, and thus became a mainstay on e-feds.

You may ask yourself “how do I win when playing fantasy wrestling?” or “what is the purpose or goal of fantasy wrestling?” Some organizations offer prizes. Some offer cash, others offer prizes. The one that offer cash or expensive prizes may charge an entry fee. But the wins could be big. One of the more popular prizes is a title belt for winning tournaments and the like. These belts are usually replicas of actual belts used in major wrestling federations and are valued between $300 - $500 US.

The best way to learn how to play fantasy wrestling is to look up some e-feds and carefully read their rules, and then sign up and play.

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