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Most fantasy wrestling sites offer help for its own specific game, but few fantasy wrestling sites offer to give general fantasy wrestling help that can be used on multiple sites. The wide variety of variations in play, rules, and technical aspects, make fantasy wrestling assistance a tough subject to tackle.

If you play other fantasy sports games, do not expect fantasy wrestling to work the same way. Although knowing about wrestling is important, knowing specific statistics on your favorite wrestler or wrestling organization is useless in the world of fantasy wrestling. The game is based on the player’s ability to create characters and scenarios.

If you were to equate the fantasy wrestling experience to any other game, it would be most similar to fantasy role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons. In both games (fantasy wrestling and D&D), you create characters, scenarios and storylines.

Fantasy Wrestling Help - Mechanics, Rules and Maneuvers

Fantasy Wrestling HelpKnowing the mechanics, rules, and maneuvers in wrestling is important in the game. So studying modern and historical wrestling matches can prove invaluable. Even though you can’t choose your favorite wrestler, you can use aspects of his or her matches in the game. It is best to watch matches of several wrestlers because fantasy wrestling will require that you create a composite character. Picking your favorite moves, mannerisms and match rhythms can help you create this composite.

Fantasy Wrestling Help - Getting Away From the Mainstream

Another bit of fantasy wrestling help we offer is to not limit yourself to drawing information from mainstream organizations. Independent and international organizations can provide knowledge and ideas for your characters and matches. In professional wrestling, the most successful wrestlers have come up though the independents. Usually they've also have wrestled internationally before making it to the big leagues. Professional wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Mick Foley and Rey Mysterio all wrestled overseas and in independent organizations before making their marks in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

These wrestlers who have competed in the independents and internationally learn different wrestling styles. Wrestling categories such as Women’s, Lucha Libre, European Rounds, Hardcore (Extreme), Japanese Strong and a host of others were absorbed by the greats as they were journeymen in the sport. You can learn via independent and international wrestling in fantasy wrestling too. Some niche sites even require you to play in a certain style. These can be a great way to learn the ropes.

Fantasy Wrestling Help - Other Information Sources

Videos are not the only source of information that you can use in your fantasy wrestling endeavor. Periodicals such as Pro Wrestling Illustrated and Wrestling’s Main Event (both current and past editions) can make for wonderful information sources. These magazines' wrestler profiles and wrestler interviews are a great source of fantasy wrestling help. They also feature wrestler analysis sections you can use to aggregate information and build composite characters.

Besides wrestling magazines, books by wrestlers, bookers and promoters can prove helpful. Gordon Solie, Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley, Eric Bischoff and Jerry ”The King” Lawler have all written books about their wrestling experience. These books contain information about how characters and matches are put together. Many of these stars at some point became bookers or promoters. Since promoters write the storylines and create the characters, it makes sense to use these books in your game planning.

Fantasy Wrestling Help - Taking the Role of Booker and Promoter

A player in an e-fed takes the role of booker and/or promoter. You are the Vince McMahon or Paul Heyman of the game. You may not make the actual match ups, as that may be the duty of the e-fed owner, but you create the characters, the storylines, the interviews and the maneuvers. This is all the role of the booker, so having this mindset when playing is a useful bit of fantasy wrestling help.

Fantasy Wrestling Help - The Importance of Originality

Fantasy wrestling players know all about wrestling. If you are copying your favorite character from your favorite wrestling show, you will be caught. E-feds have to police themselves because wrestling character trademark holders seek out infringements like these. So save yourself some aggravation and possible legal issues by making up your own original characters.

Fantasy Wrestling Help - Knowing the Rules

A big advantage in fantasy wrestling is in knowing the rules. Each e-fed has its own rules and its own style. Since most sites are unique, to excel in these games, you need to know how they operate. The rules can vary from the simple to the ultra-intricate. And not knowing the rules not only puts you at a disadvantage in game play, but it also opens you up to rule violations which can result in sanctions.

Fantasy Wrestling Help - Other Players

Finally, another great source of fantasy wrestling help is other players. E-fed sites generally offer “out of character” sections in which you can seek advice, socialize and comment of game play. These pages can also give you an opportunity to ask the moderator questions about the nuances of the game.

More experienced players often let a rules violator know the offense they have committed. Listen to these experienced players. They're the best source of fantasy wrestling help you'll find.

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