Fantasy Wrestling Etiquette

Appropriate Fantasy Wrestling Manners and Behavior

Fantasy wrestling etiquette is dictated by who runs the actual fantasy wrestling site. But some rules of behavior apply to any online endeavor, including fantasy wrestling.

Fantasy Wrestling and Communicating Online

Most fantasy wrestling sites offer a way to communicate with other fantasy wrestling players. Some offer chat rooms, some offer bulletin boards, some offer a comment section on a blog and some offer a private messaging system. Keep in mind that fantasy wrestling etiquette and decorum is the same on these messaging methods as it is in everyday Internet communications.


Another faux pas is personal attacks. Attacking a person, for any reason, be it for mental or physical limitations or impugning another player’s (or the officials of the games) reputation is not only a breach of fantasy wrestling etiquette, but in a lot of e-feds it will get the offender sanctioned or banished altogether. (But this only applies to attacking someone while the player is not in character, a player while in character, attacking another player’s character is actually part of the game.)

In Character Fantasy Wrestling Etiquette VS Out of Character Fantasy Wrestling Etiquette

Fantasy Wrestling EtiquetteAnother distinction to make when playing on an e-fed site is where to make your comments. Most fantasy wrestling sites want players to stay in character in almost all sections. But they will have one or two “out of character” type sections which are exceptions. These are set up for players to ask questions about the game, communicate with other players out of character and in some cases just to have a place to make new friends.

Fantasy Wrestling Site Ratings

Again, the specifics of fantasy wrestling etiquette are dictated by which site the player chooses to participate in. Some sites consider themselves family friendly or will call themselves “PG” (this refers to the rating given to movies by the Motion Picture Association of America in which they suggest motion picture should be investigated by parents before they let their younger children attend.)

These sites welcome children, but children under 13 years old should have parental permission. In fact, they should probably have a parent play with them to monitor their activity. Players are encouraged to behave like a wrestler (character berating other characters, cutting “promos” that are insulting, etc, but the player must use “clean language” and avoid sexual scenarios.

Some sites take a more adult approach and only allow players that are over 18 years old (and some require players that are over 21 years old). On these sites, the language and scenarios are uncensored and can go from risqué to downright lurid and lascivious.

These scenarios are encouraged and are inspired by two “extreme” wrestling promotions from the 1990’s: Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) and Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW). The XPW was owned, operated and written by an adult video producer, so it featured crossovers of his related movie storylines and characters. This added new depths to storylines in actual wrestling and the idea crossed over into the world of e-feds, thus allowing players to live out sexual fantasies via their wrestling characters.

In either case, the site rules will list what is acceptable behavior on the site and what is considered inappropriate.

The Nature of Fantasy Wrestling Behavior

E-feds are mostly run by wrestling fans. E-feds are not corporations with deep pockets. They don't have the funding to pay for character licensing from major wrestling organizations. All major wrestling organizations---World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling, and Ring of Honor (RoH) trademark their characters' names.

Some older or independent wrestlers might hold the trademark on their own character name.

But in either case, the trademark makes it illegal for someone to use a character's name, likeness or even some maneuvers without the written consent of the trademark holder. And major wrestling organizations will go after even the smallest site that infringes on these trademarks.

As a result, e-fed rules and proper fantasy wrestling etiquette dictate that any resemblance to “real” wrestling characters or their specialty maneuvers NOT be used. Infringing on these trademarks can get you banned from the e-fed. Theycan even result in the the website getting sued by the trademark holder.

Create an original character and stick to well established, generic moves that will not get anyone in trouble.

Fantasy Wrestling Etiquette and Spam

Another violation of fantasy wrestling etiquette is spam. Spam is defined as is the abuse of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast media, digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. In the case of e-feds, spam would be posting advertisements for other websites or products.

Spamming is not rude, but in some jurisdictions it's illegal.

Websites can trace IP addresses and can report spamming to your Internet provider (which could cause them to cancel your internet service).

And in places where spamming is illegal, sites can provide your information to the proper authorities for purposes of prosecution.

So don't let everyone on the site know the latest innovation in acai berry diets unless you've first contacted the fantasy wrestling website owner for permission.

Fantasy wrestling sites are developed for the players to have fun. And the best way to have fun is to follow proper fantasy wrestling etiquette and the rules of the specific e-fed in which you play.

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