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Fantasy Wrestling Basics

Lots of sites offer fantasy sports advice, but few of them offer fantasy wrestling advice.

Thousands of intricacies make fantasy wrestling advice rare. Each fantasy wrestling site is unique, having specific rules, running on its own platform, and catering to specific genres. But some basics can be applied to almost all sites.

Know professional wrestling. That doesn’t mean that you watched Monday Night Raw for the last month and consider yourself an expert. Wrestling has multiple genres and niches. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is split into 3 rosters, with the 2 major rosters having subsets.

For example, WWE Raw has the Diva’s division, the Tag Team Division, the United States Title Division and the WWE Title Division. If you watch Raw over the years, you realize that the Tag Team division usually is used as a first litmus test for potential superstars. No one holds a singles title in the tww major divisions without at least being considered for Tag Team title contention.

Today's WWE is a major part of the wrestling world, but it is not the whole picture. There is Total Non Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling. There is Ring of Honor (RoH) Wrestling. There are the Mexican wrestling organizations of AAA and EMLL. There are the Japanese organizations of All Japan and New Japan and a host of others.

Each of these organizations has different styles and rules. If you are joining a site that is based on one of these organizations, then know that organization's styles.

The best fantasy wrestling advice is to watch and study matches from these organizations so that you'll know what and who you are dealing with.

Fantasy Wrestling AdviceDon't limit yourself to just watching today’s matches. Wrestling has been televised for 60+ years. Many of these matches are available online. No matter what type of organization you join, there are matches that are considered classics.

Some individuals should be watched because no matter who they wrestled, it was a great match. Men like Antonio Inoki, Lou Thesz, Harley Race, Bruno Sammartino, Giant Baba, Danny Hodge, Kenji Muto, Ric Flair, and Bruiser Brody are all legends in the sport. This makes them invaluable sources for maneuvers and storylines.

Knowing professional wrestling is not just watching matches. Read wrestling magazines like the Pro Wrestling Illustrated family of magazines or the George Napolitano magazines to provide insight into possible storyline and interviews.

You should also read wrestler biographies and autobiographies. These books reveal behind the scenes details that can be a magnificent source of fantasy wrestling inspiration. Books written by promoters and bookers are particularly helpful.

Develop the mindset of a booker or writer for a professional wrestling organization. Most e-feds use a story format. Today's bookers map out the entire storyline into a “program.” This program includes who fights each other, interview segments, background stories such as sneak attacks, personal history, etc. and the actual mechanics of the match (maneuvers, length of match and the winner of the match).

Be original. You can be the most ardent student of professional wrestling, but if you are copying down one of your favorite storylines, matches, or wrestlers, someone will recognize it.

Use bits and pieces of wrestlers and develop a composite. Most wrestlers are trademarked characters. These trademark holders fiercely protect their trademarks. If they allow characters to be used in e-feds; it weakens their trademark claim. And wrestling is a business. They don't do things that cost them money. So they'll everyone involved in any kind of trademark infringement. So save yourself the aggravation and don’t plagiarize characters.

The fantasy wrestling advice here is just a start. If you want to go beyond the fantasy wrestling basics, join some e-feds. The more you play, the more experienced you will get and the better you will become.

You don’t have to join the generic sites. Find niche sites like women’s wrestling, Japanese Strong Style, Lucha Libre, European Rounds, hardcore (or extreme), or technical. All of these sites offer unique rules and nuances. Playing on the niche sites will make you stronger in the general play sites.

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