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How to Play Fantasy Wrestling

The sport of wrestling has been around since the ancient Greeks. The spectator sport watches two combatants grappling and struggling to overpower each other and prove their superiority. In modern day times, wrestling has become a huge entertainment industry within the U.S. The combatants are more flamboyant and full of flash but there can be no denying that the audience is not entertained.

With the arrival of simulated fantasy sport games, it is no surprise that wrestling has developed its own fantasy game. Fantasy wrestling allows fans of American wrestling, made popular with World Wrestling Entertainment (or WWE), to indulge their hobby on their own terms. So what is fantasy wrestling all about and why should you get involved? Here is what you need to know.

What Is Fantasy Wrestling?

Fantasy WrestlingFantasy wrestling is a simulated game, usually conducted online, that allows wrestling fans a chance to earn points as they compete against other fantasy wrestling teams. Players who want to get involved have various fantasy wrestling games available to play. You can choose between statistics-based games or more along the line of role-playing.

One of the most common fantasy professional wrestling games is the statistics game where players choose real-life wrestlers for their team. Like most sports, wrestling has its own real time statistics on each professional (and amateur) wrestler such as number of matches, wins, loss, and who they are currently feuding with. By drafting wrestlers onto your own team, you follow the wrestler’s progression through their matches, earning points for every victory.

Fantasy Wrestling games vary due to several factors. Some of the games are conducted through a website, message boards, email, or even face to face such as the break room in an office. Drafting players also varies. Choosing teams can be done as an open draft, similar to the way professional football and baseball drafts are conducted. Other methods include silent auctions where wrestlers go to the highest bidder (using fantasy cash, or course).

What Is The History of Fantasy Wrestling?

Before the Internet, fantasy wrestling was conducted through play-by-mail. This slow process relied on writing everything such as actions and their results down in letters or postcards and sending them through the postal snail mail. In comparison to today’s standards, the system had a long lag time but back then, what were you going to do?

Fantasy Wrestling got started back in the 1980’s when professional wrestling experienced one of its first real industry booms. Once the Internet came along, players utilized message boards such as on AOL, Prodigy, and Compuserve to track a wrestler’s progress. Soon technology evolved further and now there are entire websites with forums, tracking systems, and other additional tools, all aimed at providing a better fantasy wrestling game.

In 2004, the WWE started their own fantasy professional wrestling game using the names and likenesses of real WWE wrestlers. Players gained points depending on how well the wrestlers did at the WWE events. Because these names and likenesses are copyrighted, the WWE sent notices to other websites informing them to cease and desist with using WWE wrestling stars in their games. However, there are still fantasy wrestling games available that use WWE stars.

What Are the Rules To Fantasy Wrestling?

In most fantasy professional wrestling games, players choose five real-life wrestlers for their team. Drafting starts with the most popular wrestlers and progresses down the line based on the wrestlers’ stats. The big name wrestlers are always chosen first and no wrestler can belong on more than one team.

Points are awarded to each player depending on how well their wrestler performs at each real-life wrestling event. At the end of the season or the designated length of play, the winner is the player who has earned the most points.

Fantasy wrestling has several wrestling leagues that you can join online. Each league has its own set of rules such as drafting procedures and such. Every league has its own deadlines on when a season starts and ends and most allow you to change one wrestler for another one time during the period. At the end of the period, the player whose team has scored the most points wins some form of prize. Some leagues offer plaques, trophies, or just a title while other leagues offer a cash prize. You can even get into the league’s Hall of Fame by scoring an unusually high amount of points.

What Is E-Wrestling?

Another form of fantasy professional wrestling that has grown in popularity is what is referred to as E-wrestling. Instead of using real-life wrestlers, players create and promote fictional wrestlers. Players manage their wrestler’s careers in a fictional wrestling federation, otherwise known as an E-Federation (or E-Fed, for short).

This form of fantasy wrestling got its start in the early days of role-playing through play-by-mail formats. When the Internet came along, the term “e-wrestling” was created in reference to using emails and bulletin boards to conduct play.

E-Feds use several different systems. The most common is role-playing. After creating a wrestling character, players will write their character’s actions from speeches to how they perform in the ring. In a wrestling match between two characters, each player posts their writing on either a message board, storytelling forum, or through email. The manager of the E-Fed, known as the producer, decided which character is the victor based on the quality of the written post.

Written posts can be varied and there are several ways to do them from dialogue, novel-style writing, or even in script-form like from a movie. Players will sometimes cooperate with each other in writing so that each written piece has continuity. Each session has a deadline that the player must adhere to. This is the time limit you have to get your written post turned in.

E-wrestling, while for the wrestling fan, is also more for players interested in roleplaying and creating their own stories within the wrestling world. Unlike the statistical-style of fantasy wrestling, players cannot be alid back and must take an active role in participating. For anyone who ever wanted to be a professional wrestler, this is one of the best ways to live out that fantasy.

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