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NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in the United States, with hundreds of thousands of fans flocking to races every weekend and following their favorite drivers from week to week. A great sport with a loyal fan base like this lends itself to fantasy sports, just like baseball and football. This page is designed to help you learn how to play Fantasy NASCAR and how to score different variations of the game.

How to Play Fantasy NASCAR

Fantasy Nascar seasons can be set up in various ways, so feel free to mix and match, or pick out the best ideas listed below to form your own league. If you join an established league, make sure you understand the rules of the league (scoring variations) before you start.

Most fantasy Nascar leagues are played with 6 or 10 teams per league with each team having 3 starting drivers active for each race. In some leagues, teams may have more than 3 drivers, but only 3 are active for any given race. There are 2 different types of leagues, one where drivers are chosen at the beginning of the season and are kept all year, and a league where drivers are chosen on a weekly basis.

Drivers may be chosen in a draft format or via an auction where everyone starts with the same amount to spend and bids for the rights to a driver. In a draft fantasy NASCAR league, the first draft order is chosen by chance and the rest of the drafts are in reverse order of the previous weeks standings.

Fantasy NASCAR Variations

Leagues can be organized in 2 different ways. Driver points may be accumulated for the entire NASCAR season and the player with the most pointís wins, or teams can compete heads up each week, where the goal is to have the most victories for the season. The heads up system is also combined with a playoff system in some leagues.

Fantasy NASCAR Scoring

The scoring for fantasy NASCAR leagues is up to the person who forms the league, as just about any system that awards points from first place on down in descending order will work. 2 of the more popular scoring variations are included below.

Fantasy Nascar Scoring System 1

FinishPoints 1185 2170 3165 4160 5155 6150 7146 8142 9138 10134 11130 12127 13124 14121 15118 16115 17112 18109 19106 20103 21100 2297 2394 2491 2588 2685 2782 2879 2976 3073 3170 3267 3364 3461 3558 3655 3752 3849 3946 4043 4140 4237 4334
Bonus Points

20 points for winning from the pole position

5 points for each lap lead

5 points for leading the most laps in an event

Fantasy Nascar Scoring System 2

The top finisher of the race receives 150 points, with each place down receiving 5 points less, through the 30th position. For example, first place is 150, second place is 145, third is 140 down to thirtieth which receives 5 points.

5 bonus points are awarded for the driver who starts from the pole position and the driver who leads the most laps.

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