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By Chris Perrin

Fantasy hockey is a fun for casual and hardcore hockey fans alike, but sometimes it can be expensive. There are a number of pay-to-play fantasy hockey sites, but donít fear. Some of the biggest names in sports and the Internet offer free fantasy hockey games. Even better, this isnít one of those times where you pay (or donít pay) for what you get. Below is a listing of free fantasy hockey sites that offer a top quality fantasy hockey experience without costing a single penny.

When it comes to free fantasy hockey leagues, there are three big names: Yahoo!,, and These sites continue to have a great reputation amongst fantasy hockey fans, however, there are other free fantasy hockey sites that have very good software and reputations of their own.

Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey

Arguably the most popular free fantasy hockey site on the Internet, Yahoo! has maintained its commitment to fantasy sports for over a decade. This includes an impressive free fantasy hockey site which they continually improve every year. This makes their software extremely user-friendly and gives league commissioners a wide variety of options for how they would like to set up their league. This includes various types of drafts (Autopick versus live draft) and different ways of scoring.

The end result is fantasy hockey software so advanced and easy to use that it powers NHL.comís fantasy hockey site. It is also arguably the easiest of the big three fantasy hockey sites to use, making it perfect for those new to fantasy football. Fantasy Hockey

Free Fantasy Hockey has offered fantasy sports almost as long as Yahoo! and they have firmly established themselves as one of the best online fantasy hockey sites. As a general rule, CBSSports.comí software is not quite as user-friendly as Yahoo!ís, but they more than make up for it with a wide range of features for league commissioners and players. This makes especially well-suited for competitive players with lots of fantasy experience.

However, their user interface sometimes offers so many features that it can feel intimidating for those not used to free fantasy hockey. With that said, once you get comfortable with it, you may very well like the advanced features more than other services. Fantasy Hockey

The last, but certainly not the least, name in free fantasy hockey is ESPN.comís fantasy hockey. At times throughout its history, has tried to charge for its fantasy sports or offered them to Insiders. However, now they seem content offer all of their fantasy games (which range from football to poker to hockey) for free.

Not only does offer free fantasy football, they also offer a number of advance features to league owners for free, including live scoring and the type of expert analysis that can only come from the professionals at ESPN. The site also claims that it offers the most number of customization options of any fantasy hockey site anywhere. This is a lofty claim to make given the wide number of customization options, but league owners will be more than content with the options that they can control.

Players should also get a lot of use out of the numerous ďcommunityĒ features which let players chat (and talk trash) with others owners in their league and owners from all across

Fantrax Fantasy Hockey

Despite the fact that Fantrax does not have the same big name recognition that goes along with Yahoo!,, or, Fantrax still more than manages to be a solid option for hosting your free fantasy hockey league. The free fantasy hockey site is very functional (if not exactly gorgeous) that offers fantasy leagues in seven different sports, including hockey.

By all appearances, Fantrax has grown two ways. First, they are passionate about fantasy sports. The site is full of information and analysis on fantasy sports as well as whatís going on in the world of real sports and how it can affect your teams. Perhaps even more impressive is how responsive they are to their site users. On their sign up page, they offer a link to a feedback page. Under the main navigation page, there is also a link to place where you can provide feedback about the site and make suggestions about new games.

The site may lack polish, but it more than makes up for it in passion. Fantasy Hockey Pools does not offer free fantasy hockey leagues, rather the site hosts fantasy hockey pools. Hockey pools are similar to fantasy hockey leagues, but they tend to be less complex. Owners select a team of players and receive fantasy points based on what those players do on the ice. Despite their relative simplicity, hockey pools can still get complex with rules involving how often owners can select players or whether two owners can select the same player in the same week.

There are several different sites which offer fantasy hockey pools. However, few offer the same level of detail as

Sporting News Fantasy Salary Cap Hockey

Sporting News is one of the most popular names in sports reporting. However, they have not made as many forays into the world of free fantasy hockey or other fantasy sports as or Yahoo! This has mainly kept them out of full fantasy leagues, but it has not prevented them from offering a number of unique fantasy games, including salary cap hockey.

Sporting News offers both pay and free versions of salary cap hockey, which lets owners enjoy the pains and victories of dealing with building a team via the salary cap. Owners pick players for their teams based on how much they are paid. The more productive a player, the higher salary they earn. This gives owners a very important job: to get the most amount of scoring for the least amount of salary. Also, in many cases, a playerís salary increases or decreases based on how much they earn, which will also increase or decrease the cap of any owners who have that player on their team.

Salary cap hockey is a different way to play the game and one that requires weekly attention with all of the rules of league based fantasy hockey.

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