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Finding a source for fantasy golf picks can help point beginners to success. Expert fantasy golf picks can also confirm what veterans already suspect. Looking at online fantasy golf expert picks is also a way to test yourself against expert opinions.

I know few fantasy golf owners who don't take a lot at one or two fantasy golf projections every week. If nothing else, you can entertain yourself with thoughts of your fantasy golf league until the competition actually starts.

Here are a few places you can find weekly fantasy golf picks. These fantasy golf gurus go inside the numbers to find trends and good matchups (of golfers to courses) to predict who the best starting golfers on your fantasy golf roster should be every week.

Fantasy Golf Blog - These fantasy golf picks are posted by the good bloggers on, with weekly selections for the upcoming PGA tour stop that week.

Fantasy Golf PicksLefty Links Blog - A top flight blog post on fantasy golf pick strategy and how to make start/bench decisions in your fantasy golf league.

PGA Tour Results - To see which golfers are playing best or who has played well at a particular course or golf venue, look up the past golf results on the PGA site.

European Tour Results - You might be starting a European golfer instead, so here's a link to the European Golf Tour results.

Rotoff Golf Picks - The Rotoff Blog also has fantasy golf projections, along with a detailed archive of past picks, so you can test to see how accurate their golf picks are.

The Mulligan Golf Picks - This blog offers picks in a number of fantasy sports, but as the name implies, "the Mulligan"'s first love is fantasy golf.

Golf Odds - Nobody studies recent golf trends like the Las Vegas oddsmakers, so if you want to see what the true fantasy golf experts are thinking, here's a link to the weekly golf odds.

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