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Free Fantasy Golf Sites, Contests, and Leagues

Want to play free fantasy golf? Countless fantasy golf websites offer free golf leagues. Many of the big Internet fantasy golf websites will come with deluxe fantasy leagues that require entry fees, but also free fantasy golf leagues to draw in new customers. Even those which run for-money golf leagues only will offer free fantasy golf weekly contests to draw interest in their fantasy golf site.

Joining either a free fantasy golf league or a weekly fantasy golf challenge is a good way to dip your feet in the pool of fantasy golf. Most fantasy sports rookies are going to make all kinds of mistakes playing their first fantasy game, because fantasy golf and PGA tour golf don't always produce the same results. Veteran fantasy golf GM's know some tricks that newbie fantasy golf GM's don't, so there's no reason to hand them your money while you're going through the same trial-and-error process they underwent years ago.

Free Fantasy Golf Sites

Here are some websites offering free fantasy golf. I've included fantasy golf sites that let you join or start your own free fantasy golf league, forums where you can find other fantasy golf fans to help you start your own fantasy golf league, and free weekly fantasy golf contests you can play.

Free Fantasy Golf Leagues

Free Fantasy Golf Stracka Fantasy Golf League - Stracka offers free fantasy golf leagues, but you'll have to wait several months to join a fantasy golf league, since golf season just ended. In season, Stracka is one of the best independent fantasy golf league management resources.

Fantasy Golf League Manager - Manage fantasy golf leagues online by creating your own golf league. You can also join other golf leagues, though some are by invitation only.

Yahoo! Fantasy Golf - Yahoo! is synonymous with free fantasy sports in the fantasy sports industry, so you can always find a free Yahoo fantasy golf league to join.

RotoWorld Fantasy Golf Forums - If all else fails, make some friends on a fantasy golf forum or message board and recruit some friends into your ad hoc fantasy golf league.

Handicap Tracker Message Boards - HandicapTracker is alternative fantasy golf forum, if your experience on the RotoWorld Forums doesn't meet your expectations.

Free Fantasy Golf Challenges and Weekly Contests

Fanball Majors Challenge - While most Fanball fantasy golf leagues and contests require an entry fee, the Fanball Major Challenge is a free contest where you choose a team of 4 golfers for the 4 majors and the winner gets $1,000.

PGA Tour Fantasy Golf - Partnered with Yahoo! fantasy golf these days, the PGA Tour website offers weekly golf contests, where you choose four golfers every week and win weekly and segment prizes for top scores.

CBS Sportsline Fantasy Golf Challenge - CBSSportsline offers free fantasy golf contests. Choose 5 golfers for free and win $100 weekly, $600 segment and a $2,000 grand prize - all with a $1,000,000 salary cap.

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