Fantasy Football Websites

Fantasy Football Sites

If used properly, fantasy football websites can play a large role in the success of your fantasy football team. Not all fantasy football sites are created equal, however. While some keep you updated on the latest free agent steals and NFL injuries, others aren’t updated in a timely manner or feature information which is just plain wrong. Knowing the difference between the two can determine whether you’re playing for the league championship or setting your roster for the “Toilet Bowl.” In the following article, I’ve listed some of the fantasy football websites which I know to be of the highest quality. Use their resources without hesitation, as they know what they’re talking about.

KFFL - The KFFL is one of the many fantasy football sites which also offers information on other sports, as well (in this case, MLB and NASCAR). Their “Hot Off the Wire” area can’t be beat, as it’s constantly updated with all the breaking news from around the NFL. Football rumors are also included, but even these are taken from reports by respected sports journalists and fantasy football experts. In addition to this section, KFFL offers forums, a blog, and subscription-based tips on who to start every week of the season. They’re also very customer friendly, which is a refreshing change from soulless corporate sites like CBS Sportsline.

Fantasy Football Hub - There are tons of fantasy football sites out there, and the Fantasy Football Hub combines them all into one easy-to-find resource. Established in 2005, just feast your eyes on some of the categories offered by Fantasy Football Hub: Books & Magazines, Fantasy Columns & Articles, Projections, Audio Broadcasts, and Sleepers. There are a whopping 30 categories in all, each filled with links to fantasy football goodness.

Fantasy Football WebsitesRotoTimes - One of the many websites powered by NBC Sports, RotoTimes offers plenty of blogs, fantasy articles, player news, and a forum. If you sign up for the Owner’s Edge, you can also get live one-on-one fantasy football advice tailored to your scoring system. And don’t forget about their draft kit, which will help you get prepared for all your upcoming fantasy sports drafts.

AntSports - In the months leading up to fantasy drafts, many astute owners like to conduct mock drafts. While it’s a way to stave off boredom prior to the start of the NFL season, it’s also a good way to see where players are being drafted on average. AntSports is hands-down the father of mock draft websites, and you can be confident that there’s a mock draft getting started while you’re reading this. They also offer trophy leagues and money leagues to get involved in, and their Average Draft Info feature allows you to search through their completed mock drafts using your league’s scoring system or any number of other custom parameters.

FootballDocs - I love websites like FootballDocs, as their writers obviously have a passion for the game. Besides maintaining a presence on Facebook and Twitter, they offer numerous fantasy articles for absolutely free. You can also get weekly advice on who to start and who to bench for free, as well as opinions on which players you may want to snag from the waiver wire. And if you’re determined to spend some money, their Total Draft Package contains the following for only $9.95: fantasy football rankings, offensive line rankings, player profiles, fantasy football cheat sheets, projections, draft software, and a fantasy football magazine. That’s a whole lot of bang for not much buck.

There are many more quality sites out there, but the ones listed above should more than get you started.

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