Fantasy Football Trophies

Funny Fantasy Football Trophy Ideas

Fantasy Football Trophies

Fantasy football trophies come in many shapes and sizes and are usually better the more idiosyncratic they are. The more memorable a fantasy football trophy is, the more it becomes a part of your local fantasy football league. Winning a good fantasy trophy and putting your name on it is sometimes better than winning fantasy football prize money - though winning both money and trophies is best.

Unique Fantasy Football Trophy Ideas

Coming up with unique fantasy football trophy ideas is hard, since unique implies no one else has done it. That being said, if your league friends don't know you got an idea for fantasy football trophy off a website, it's almost like your fantasy trophies are unique. With that in mind, here are some ideas for the next fantasy football championship trophy you buy. Finding a football-related item that you can put the winner's name on is always nice, which is why engraved fantasy football trophies and fantasy football plaques are the most popular ideas.

  • Regulation NFL leather football
  • Regulation NFL football helmet
  • Old ratty Pop Warner football helmet
  • Football jersey of your favorite team or your local high school team
  • Old time leather football helmet
  • Modern Art Football Trophies

Fantasy Football TrophiesThese are just a few standard ideas. I've seen dusty old helmets mounted on a wooden block for a stand (that the wives of league owners hate). I've seen toilet bowls signed with a Sharpie. I've seen straitjackets signed by the league winners and a trophy that looks like the Heisman Trophy, except the runner is holding a television remote (most apropos). I've even seen the commissioner take up fantasy football cheat sheets and laminate them, presenting the eventual winner with their original draft rankings as a trophy.

Another league I knew of out in Oakland had a framed and mounted wall poster of the craziest picture of Al Davis they could find as their league trophy. The winner carefully would sign the picture and hang it one their wall for a year. I could see fans in Dallas, Washington and Cincinnati hanging posters of Jerry Jones, Daniel Snyder or Mike Brown. Heck, any lame head coach or hate player would work perfectly. Frankly, the stranger, the better when it comes to fantasy football trophies. I would suggest you try to come up with the strangest fantasy football trophies in the football world.

Fantasy Football Trophy Websites

If all of that sounds like too much trouble, you can purchase a fantasy football trophy at one of a hundred different fantasy football sites on the Internet. Most of them I've looked at have between 40 and 60 different fantasy football trophies to choose from. I'm not here to shill for any particular fantasy football websites where you can buy trophies and awards, so I would just Google "fantasy football trophy" and see where that takes me.

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