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The Best Fantasy Football Performers

The top players in fantasy football every year make huge and steady contributions to their fantasy football team. Most weeks, the top ten fantasy football players will put up big numbers, including both yardage and touchdowns. Among the top fantasy football performers will be several quarterbacks and usually a couple or three runners and maybe even a wide receiver or two, but only if you play in a point-per-reception league.

Fantasy football top players might have one or two weeks where they underperform, so I wouldn't get too bent out of shape if your star fantasy football players have a bad week. Sometimes, the best players even have a bad first week or two in the NFL season. Unless his team has major injuries, or unless he has a major injury, I wouldn't panic too much if this happens. Cream rises to the top, so if you are patient with your star NFL players, their production will rise. You'll hate yourself if you bench one of your best players, and then he adjusts his scoring average all in one day with one huge fantasy football game.

Let me give an example of what I'm talking about.

Top Fantasy Football Players of the Past

Fantasy Football Top PlayersOne year, a friend and I decided we would split the cost of a big money league between the two of us and share a team. This was back in the good old days, when everything was new. At the time, everyone in this money league was drafting quarterbacks in the first round, but we decided to target two running backs: Terrell Davis in his 2nd season and Barry Sanders in the prime of his career. Somehow, we got both of these guys. TD, on the eventual Super Bowl Champion, came out big from the start. Not so with Barry Sanders.

I can't remember the details, but Barry Sanders had 50 total yards the first two weeks of the season. He had 20 one week and 30 the next. Obviously, Barry Sanders didn't have a touchdown in two games. The Lions offense looked awful and it appeared that big Scott Mitchell signing to be the Lions QB wasn't working out - that he had destroyed the Lions. My co-owner and I talked about what we should do. Showing a lot more patience than I have sometimes shown since (though there might have been a strange moratorium on trading for the first 4 weeks), we decided to give it two more weeks and then try to trade Sanders if he didn't improve.

Week 3 of the NFL Season, Barry Sanders starts out with a couple of -1 carries. Then he busts a touchdown run for 80 yards. A couple of series later, he busts another run for 80+ yards. Sanders finishes the day with 200+ yards and several touchdowns. We decided not to trade him. That was good, because that was the season Barry Sanders set the NFL record for 14 consecutive 100-yard games. That's right, after a weak start with 50 yards in two games, Barry Sanders put up 100-yard days every game for the rest of the season, eventually posting a 2,000 yard season and winning Co-NFL MVP honors with Brett Favre (Barry was robbed that it wasn't sole honors). Terrell Davis piled up 1,700+ yards and 15 TDs and fantasy football life was good.

Fantasy Football Top Players

So if the guys you drafted high aren't lighting the world on fire, stick with them. Obviously, you can only do that so long, since a fantasy football season is only so long. But if you're guys are healthy and you are able to scrape together a few wins, the longer you can stay with your fantasy football top performers, the better. When you're three weeks into the season, you assume what has happened will continue to happen. But it's a long fantasy football season and every single new week of games reveals something new about your fantasy football team and the top performers on your squad.

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