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A little story to start our fantasy football tools article out -- when I was a kid I spent most of my time on the beach. We lived within twenty minutes' drive of a quiet stretch of beach on the Texas coast and most of my summers were spent with sand between my toes.

I built a ton of sand castles back then. Soaring towers of sand and shells, moats I'd fill with hermit crabs, and smaller guard towers. What I figured out as a kid was that a couple of good buckets and a big shell for a shovel were all I needed to make a really amazing sand castle.

You won't have much success building sand castles (or a fantasy football dynasty) without a few rudimentary tools. Like my future fantasy football junky self, I figured out the minimum amount of help I needed to get the job done. You don't have to surround yourself with fancy fantasy football stat sheets and a million magazines full of sleeper picks, just a couple of basics should get the job done.

Fantasy Football ToolsFantasy Football tools are available all over the place. Websites like are chock full of player rankings and preseason values. The key is to figure out what specific gadgets you need to beat up on the rest of your league. I think you only need two.

1. Stats and Info Source

Stats is the most basic tool in your kit, the multi purpose piece of equipment you'll use to dig up the raw data you need to stand out of the fantasy football crowd. Just about every fantasy football website is going to include player stats and info -- the key is finding a place on the Internet that you can call home. Some people look for a particular interface or design, still others want to visit a FF website featuring "experts" they've heard of on the TV or sports talk radio. I like to follow good old -- plain name, serious stats reporting. The layout is simple, and the thing that made me fall in love with is the deep reporting. I play in huge leagues and have more than a few no name players on my roster. covers just about every player in the league, and I know I can trust them for material about guys like Leodis McKelvin and Gibran Hamdan.

2. Draft help

As I've said before, if you don't go into your draft armed with some solid advice and cheat sheets, you're stepping up to a firing squad.

If you tried this year's draft without a few fantasy football tools, shoot us an email and let us know how it went. I already know the answer. You've got about as much power on your roster as the University of Idaho.

For draft day help, I look for player projections and analysis along those lines. The FREE site Fantasy Football Sharks is my home for draft day help (and a lot more besides).

Their best feature is player projections -- they give you a searchable cheat sheet option to help in your draft decisions. What is player projection, you ask -- imagine searching among all the players you're interested in drafting to see a projection of what kind of numbers the experts at Fantasy Football Sharks think they will put up. They look at a players' past performance, the ever controversial "schedule difficulty", and a mixed bag of other factors to spit out projection numbers. Not only is this feature free but it is not all that common.

Before you go stomping off to war in your fantasy football league, gather the necessary fantasy football stat sheets. As a kid, I knew I needed a shovel to dig a moat, so I grabbed the nearest shovel shaped shell. Adapt your fantasy football style to this kind of childish wisdom, and I can promise you'll be more satisfied with you fantasy football performance.

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