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If the draft is the bread and butter of fantasy football, statistics are the meat. Sure, anything's possible, you could perform well in fantasy football without an understanding of the statistics of the real game. But what exactly is the fun in playing a game of pure luck?

Before I started playing fantasy football, I watched a ton of football (college, professional, Pop Warner, you name it) without being a fantasy football stats hound. I understood the game very well, played it in high school (hey! junior varsity still counts as playing football) and loved the game very much without a head full of numbers.

When the time has come to man up and win your fantasy football league this season because your girlfriend's ex is the head of the league and you just have to win (hypothetically speaking of course), an understanding of the impact of statistics on fantasy football is necessary.

How do you use fantasy football data to influence how you run your team?

I'll show. I'm about to use one of the most basic fantasy football stat sheets to make a decision about this weekend's running back position. My decision is between Clinton Portis and Jamal Lewis. On the one hand, what can I say, I'm a lucky guy, these are two great players. On the other hand, they performed so well in week one (Portis -- 231.1, Lewis -- 221.1) that the decision would be tough using this data alone.

Fantasy Football StatisticsYou can't tell, looking at those two numbers, who would be your better starter in week two. I'm gonna look a little deeper -- who is Jamal Lewis running against this week? He should have scored better than that. When I notice that Lewis is playing against the Broncos this weekend, I know he's my man. The Broncos have a run defense like a tub full of spaghetti.

Here are some good resources for those of you looking for a home for fantasy football statistics: Fantasy Football Today is probably the largest and most popular free fantasy football info site.

Their articles range in focus from Q&As with fantasy football writers and fans, a weekly analysis of so called fantasy football "experts" (to see how these expert's own teams are working), analysis of fantasy football stats, to analysis of mock games between teams of popular players. These articles are unique -- I haven't seen any of this material anywhere else on the Internet, and the perspectives of the writers are from so many different angles I feel like I'm getting a complete picture of the situation.

You also find the usual fantasy football statistics -- player stats, player ranking data, and weekly projections -- alongside a batch of useful if not totally original tools for fantasy football data analysis and team and league management, including cheat sheets and formulas for ranking and predicting players on your own.

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