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Even the most seasoned fantasy owners need a little help sometimes. Let’s face it – we all get stuck in our decision making process sometime, and when help from fantasy football experts isn’t enough, we have to consider pulling out the big guns. There’s plenty of fantasy football software you can use to help you on your path to fantasy domination. Here are some reviews of the best fantasy football programs to help you put your fellow fantasy owners to shame this year . . . and in years to come.

Fantasy Football Draft Board

Fantasy Football Draft Board 2009 is a fantasy football program used to enhance your league's fantasy draft experience. Draft Board features include an automated draft clock, a built in and streaming draft ticker, 2009 projected year statistics for all NFL players (! ), and real time roster updates wirelessly. Fantasy Football Draft Board 2009 is built to handle regular as well as auction style drafts. View the draft board via a digital projector or output to a television for even more James Bond cool.

The 2009 Version features improved graphics, support for auction drafts, 2009 projected statistics and 2009 NFL Bye Weeks. Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP.

PEDS (Player Evaluation and Draft Software)

Fantasy Football SoftwareYou can use PEDS, as it is known among its fans, to track everything from who’s the best wide receiver remaining in your draft to an analysis of the NFL’s bye weeks on your roster – you can tell ahead of time if you have picked wisely and will have enough starting running backs for a specific week of fantasy play. PEDS is one of the easiest pieces of fantasy football software to setup and is very easy to use.

PEDS is also highly adaptable – it works great for any kind of draft you can throw at it. A fan of Face-to-face drafts? No problem. Prefer On-line, Phone, or even Mail drafts? PEDS has got you covered. You can use PEDS during the draft on a desktop or laptop computer, or choose to build custom reports to bring with you to your draft.

PEDS is a life-saver for those of us fantasy owners who always wait until the last minute and are, let’s face it, totally unprepared for draft day.

The reason PEDS is my favorite piece of fantasy football software is that it contains so many features but stays user friendly. Blame that on the fact that it was designed and programmed by a guy named James Serra, who is not only a professional programmer but is considered one of the foremost fantasy football experts working in computer programming. This matters – it means that Serra will change or add nothing to his PEDS program without imagining the impact of that change on fantasy football owners that depend on his work.

PEDS supports multiple leagues, defensive players, and auction drafts.

Fantasy Football Expert

Now in version 3.7, Fantasy Football Expert is one of the better free pieces of software that are designed to increase your chances of winning your fantasy football league. The software helps you improve your decision-making ability (by offering all kinds of player analysis) and aims to help you earn every potential point possible from your fantasy team. Most free pieces of fantasy software are, at best, a minor waste of time. This is the only free software I still use, and version 3.7, though not updated very much, will find a home in many fantasy owner’s draft fakebook.

FF Expert works on many versions of Windows, from 95 through Vista. You can run a free trial before committing to the $30 price point.

Now that so many fantasy junkies are also iPhone fanatics, I thought it appropriate to include a couple of fantasy football related iPhone apps. Think of these programs as “strategy on the go”.

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet ‘09

Put together by FanStar, CheatSheet 09 gives you the choice of viewing player rankings or setting the rankings preferences to your liking. You can access a list of 479 players (which are endlessly drag and drop-able )in order to build your own cheat sheet.

One downside: the Set Rankings screen doesn't allow you to filter by position – this is a huge oversight. For instance, if you've got a lower-ranked sleeper pick you hope to move higher up the list, you've got some serious downward scrolling to do to get there.

Once you jump over to view the rankings in Cheatsheet: Fantasy Football ’09, you'll see a mostly common set of data that is available from most if not all fantasy football apps. This includes the player's name, his NFL team, position, and his team's bye week.

Sure, from this screen you can sort by position, but this woulda been nice from the Set Rankings screen.

You also have the option of putting a player on your “wish list”, or you can mark that you've already drafted him (or that another owner has drafted him ) -- you can also sort the player rankings in these views or choose to view the remaining available players.

Cheatsheet places an X next to players you've drafted and an O next to the ones who've landed on other teams. While this is a nice visual cue, other similar apps use different colors, and let’s face it – different colors stand out better than Xs and Os.

The Cheatsheet app offers injury reports – a good measure against THIS dumb fantasy owner drafting a player who blew out an important muscle group during preseason. Unfortunately, it is unclear how often Cheatsheet updates this injury info. Today’s injury list looks about two weeks behind.

Studs & Duds

Studs and Duds gives you nothing much beyond the basic information you need to prepare for a draft. Studs and Duds is basically a fancy sortable wish list.

I will, however, go on and on about their excellent search feature. Most fantasy football software shows not much more than a search field where you type in a name and see results as you type. Studs & Duds goes beyond this, featuring also a scrollable list of players and an easy to use search bar running down the length of the Search screen.

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