Fantasy Football Skills

Mastering and Developing Fantasy Football Talent

Which fantasy football skills make one a true fantasy football genius? How does one earn the title of "best of the best"? What skills can you learn to increase your chances of winning that big $100 prize at the bar?

Fantasy Football: Luck VS Skill

Some people think that fantasy football skills don't matter, that fantasy football is more or less a game of good draft position and luck. If you are lucky enough to form the best fantasy football team possible from the players available, and if your players are lucky on game day, you are good at fantasy sports.

Fortunately, these people are idiots. Fantasy football is as much a game of skill as the game of football itself. You could have the best fantasy draft in history and still fail to manage a successful team.

Fantasy Football Talent

Fantasy Football SkillsBelieve it or not, there are ways to become a more talented fantasy football manager. Nothing as dramatic as the real deal -- you won't be running wind sprints or doing any heavy lifting, but if you are serious about increasing your fantasy football talent, there are methods.

For starters, make sure you know the basics of fantasy football. Learn the rules of the league you're playing in, and be aware of the scoring system before you get to the draft. Remember that different forums for fantasy football have different rules.

One fantasy football skill I learned from the beginning was to form a plan for draft day. You can build and use "cheat sheets" to keep with you while drafting, indicating the moves you want to make, and the alternatives to those moves if they don't work out. My first year at fantasy football, I ran my draft totally cold, not having done any research and depending only on my tiny amount of prior football knowledge. I lost that year, big time.

Mock Drafts as Skill Builders

As crazy as it sounds, you should also seriously consider participating in fantasy mock drafts. I know, I know -- you're busy, you hardly have time to attend your scheduled fantasy draft, you think fantasy mock drafts are "a bit much" -- but these free fantasy football tools are invaluable to your draft prep.

Here's the big secret to my fantasy success --build your team around running backs. In case you haven't worked this out on your own, running backs have the most scoring potential in the fantasy game. A solid high pick running back can make up for blotches on the rest of your roster.

Don't be afraid to upgrade your starting roster when you have the chance. Show off your fantasy football talent by keeping your opponents guessing about your ever shifting starting lineup. Some of you do this without having to be told, and I applaud you. Still, there's a healthy majority of fantasy football he thinks you shouldn't sacrifice "roster depth" for changes at the top. Look, "roster depth" is for bye weeks and possible injuries. Take the risk, bolster your starting squad, and never look back.

Lineup Choosing Skills

Remember to update your starting lineup every week. You don't have to be one of those rabid fantasy football managers with a clipboard glued to his lap during NFL season to enjoy the game. But you have to admit, one of the worst things possible is to find out you have an injured player on your starting roster. The other players in the league will never let you live it down. You don't have to eat and sleep fantasy football to have solid fantasy football ability, but you should at least participate to the level of updating your roster.

Keep your "draft secrets" to yourself, no matter how itchy your tongue gets. It is tempting to talk to your football buddies about the upcoming NFL and fantasy season, but pay attention next time. See your brother in law scribbling notes while you talk about your great "diamond in the rough" quarterback choice? He's gonna rob you on draft day.

About draft sleepers -- the biggest mistake I see people make is drafting those sleeper picks way too early. They’re not "sleepers" if you wake them up late in the first round. This is why it helps to run a mock draft -- learn where you can expect to pick up a sleeper in the draft, and stick with that scenario.

When you're drafting a player, don't make the mistake of thinking too hard about their team's schedule. I love playing against these guys who take a team's "weak" or "tough" schedule too seriously. Professional football is a game about equity and parity -- there's very little difference between the best teams and the average teams. Often a "tough schedule" when looked at during the fantasy drafts turns into a mediocre sort of thing, affecting those that drafted based on that schedule's difficulty but not so much the other guys, who picked on player strength and other factors alone. Hint -- this also saves you time during research.

Fantasy Football Trading Skills

Another pet peeve of mine -- fantasy managers who are too trade happy with their big names. Face it -- over the course of sixteen games, everyone is going to have a slump. What you're looking for in fantasy football is value for your draft pick. Once you freak out and give away all your star picks, you're losing most of that value. Make your draft count -- have faith in those players. Drink some warm milk.

Fantasy football is a game of strategy. Fantasy football skill is an amalgamation of many factors -- football knowledge, patience, stat and trend tracking, and maybe just a bit of luck. Follow these suggestions to increase your natural ability at fantasy football. You don't even have to give me credit when you win your league -- the standard 10% fee will do.

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