Fantasy Football Predictions

Predicting Fantasy Football

Fantasy football predictions are infamously hard to make, because the 1st week of the every new NFL season introduces us to a whole new fantasy football world. Fantasy football players who were golden last year simply can't get the job done this year. Fantasy players who were afterthoughts the year before have breakout year. NFL football changes so quickly that virtually any fantasy football prediction seems out-of-date by the time the game is played.

Fantasy Football Predictions - The Finger of Death

In my main league, we have a ritual every year right after the fantasy football draft. One of the league owners goes over the rosters and chooses the team he thinks is best. Enough of these teams have been destroyed through injuries or just bad play that we call his pick "the Finger of Death". Mind you, this is a fantasy football prediction based on his real conviction of who had the best draft, and he's a player who is widely respected in the league. It's just that last year's star players don't always remain the best players in the NFL. Predicting fantasy football is more of an art than a science.

Every year, when I get together with one or two of my fantasy football friends after the drafts, we have lunch, make our fantasy football predictions and analysis of the best and worst in our leagues. Once we finish talking about the supposed worst teams in our leagues, I'll inevitably say, "Yeah, and one of those teams will inexplicably have a huge year."

Why Make Fantasy Football Predictions?

Fantasy Football PredictionsStill, it's worth trying to make fantasy football predictions when you're putting together a fantasy football draft list or weekly starting lineup, because the one thing you can be certain about in the NFL and your fantasy football league is that things won't stay the same. We have a guy in one of my local leagues who always seems to draft according to last year's stats. Whoever did best last year gets drafted by him this year, I guess because he's not comfortable with his fantasy football prognostications and therefore clings to the security of yesterday's stats. A few of these players tend to come through for him from one year to the next, but he's bound to have an average team based on this draft strategy, because a few are certain to disappoint.

So when you're building your draft board, try to make a few predictions based on your projections of what's more likely to happen this year. Some fantasy football players did well last year because of a favorable schedule that won't happen again this year. Others did well because of a key injury or because of no team injuries at all. Still other fantasy players are younger players who are naturally going to improve playing on teams that will also improve, while other fantasy football stars are aging and will eventually be unable to succeed consistently at the NFL level.

The Best Fantasy Football Predictions

When you make your fantasy football projections and predictions, you want to collect information about all the potential fantasy football players who might end up on a roster. You want a few fantasy football magazines, if nothing else to have a schedule and a handy list of all the free agent moves and NFL draft picks in the offseason. You also want to have one or more subscriptions to fantasy football websites, who can send daily fantasy football alerts to your email address. A subscription to a fantasy football website costs somewhere around $30 or $40 a year and is a minor investment for what you receive in return.

You'll also want to supplement your fantasy football news alerts with additional fantasy information, generally by scouring the online fantasy football news feeds like KFFL and maybe even joining one or two fantasy football forums online. A fantasy football message board or forum kind of fills in the cracks of your fantasy football knowledge, because you'll get people posting what their local sports media is talking about, and you'll also get the views of local NFL fans who are visiting the training camps of the respective NFL teams. You can't trust everything said on an fantasy football forum, but you'll eventually learn which posters you can trust.

Essentially, you want multiple sources of fantasy football news and analysis, because if you go to only one source, that fantasy football expert is going to unduly sway your opinions on player trends. While you can eventually collect so much information that you can't analyze it all, you want enough fantasy football predictions that you can sift through them and decide which ones seem the most logical and rational. Once you have seen other peoples' fantasy football predictions and analysis and you feel you have the latest fantasy football information, you can start to make your own predictions based on the coming fantasy football year.

Fantasy Football Analysis

Many websites have a fantasy draft analyzer that predicts the fantasy football value of all the players you drafted. This hardly helps you make your own predraft fantasy football predictions, but it does give you a sense of what others think about the predictions you've made.

In the end, you'll get all the information you need when the players hit the field in Week 1 and beyond. I'm always amazed how much different things look in a fantasy football league after NFL Week 1. But remember, if you're fantasy football predictions didn't work out very well in Week 1, now is not the time to panic. Have faith in your fantasy football draft picks and give them a little time to justify your preseason faith in them.

If you go 0-2 to start the fantasy football season and your picks still aren't producing, then you can panic.

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