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Searching for fun new ways to play online fantasy football games on the Internet open up a whole world of possibilities, because fantasy football has become a billion dollar industry in the past ten years. According to ESPN, more than 27,000,000 Americans play some form of fantasy football every year. The NFL even signed an exclusive $600,000,000 telecom contract with Sprint in 2006 that was based in large part on Sprint's providing instant fantasy football news and information and web support for fantasy football leagues. So when I say the Internet fantasy football industry is expanding and you can find more fantasy football online all the time, I'm not kidding.

Here are a few of the best online fantasy football websites and places you can find a variety of Internet fantasy football leagues and contests. Even if you have trouble coming up with a 12-man fantasy league in your own area, there's no reason why you can't find a fun and challenging fantasy football game online anymore.

ESPN Online Fantasy Football

A common online fantasy football games website is the ESPN fantasy leagues. I know a guy who actually joined 40 different ESPN leagues last year, and actually took the time to start a lineup every single week in every single ESPN league! That's impossible in 2009, because ESPN has limited fantasy football players to (only) 15 leagues. ESPN made this decision to keep owners from joining a league for a draft, then ditching the league once the season gets there. There's really nothing worse than seeing your rivals win because their opponents don't participate enough to start a full lineup each week.

Because of the new ESPN fantasy football limits, you're probably more likely to join a good fantasy football game online on ESPN in 2009 and beyond. It should also be noted that I'm aware of numerous legitimate ESPN leagues where everyone participates.

Yahoo! Online Fantasy Football

Online Fantasy FootballLess common than it once was is the Yahoo fantasy football leagues. The Yahoo Leagues were infamous for attracting fantasy football owners who would participate through the draft, then forget to start lineups once the season began. While it's fun to take part in the early Yahoo! fantasy football draft for mock draft purposes, there isn't a whole lot of prestige in winning leagues where half the fantasy football teams aren't starting full lineups every week. If you did win a Yahoo league, don't go on a fantasy football message board and brag about it. The other posters will laugh you off the boards.

Ant Sports Mock Drafts and Fantasy Leagues

One way to while away the NFL preseason and prepare for your live fantasy football drafts is to take part in the AntSports mock drafts. From a few weeks after the NFL Draft until the beginning of the NFL Season, you can join mock drafts at Ant Sports and see where players are going in fantasy football mocks. Because people tend to leave these drafts and the computer ends up selecting some of the teams, the computer automation ends up reinforcing early draft selections, but Antsports mock drafts can still help you prepare for your local league - and avoid joining 40 Yahoo leagues. AntSports also hosts its own fantasy football leagues, so make friends on Antsports and join a league, if you have trouble finding a good game in your local area.

My Fantasy League Fantasy Football League Management

"My Fantasy League" is one of the best fantasy football league management tools on the Internet. If you are the commissioner of a fantasy football league and you don't know where to host your league, give MFL a try. My Fantasy League hosts thousands of leagues per years and offers customizable, user-friendly fantasy football resources with a high level of quick technical support. You can also find Internet leagues to join, if you're having trouble finding a good fantasy football league nearby.

CBS Sportsline Fantasy Football League Management

If you watch the NFL Pregame Shows on Sunday, you've probably heard about CBSSportsline fantasy football leagues. While CBSSportsline isn't one of my favorite online fantasy football league management tools, it is probably the biggest and Sportsline has improved over the years. Once again, if you have trouble finding a good fantasy football league, go to the CBSSportsline forums, make some fantasy football friends online and join one of their fantasy football league games. You'll have no trouble finding an online fantasy football games on the Internet side of the CBS sports business, since CBSSportsline is one of the most visited fantasy football sites on the Internet.

Fantasy Sports Live Online Fantasy Football Games and Contests

Another way to enjoy Internet fantasy football games to go to a weekly fantasy football contest website like FantasySportsLive. "Fantasy Sports Live" lets you sign up for weekly fantasy football contests where you choose a whole new fantasy football starting lineup every week. One week, you can select Adrian Peterson as your star runner, and the next week, you can choose Maurice Jones-Drew. All you do is click a button to join a weekly fantasy contest, pay your money to join the contest, then select your fantasy team for that contest.

You can join multiple contests on Fantasy Sports Live, including heads-up contests, 6-man contests and 10-man contests (that pay out for the Top 3 finishers). Fantasy Sports Live takes a small (roughly 2%) cut of the action, much like a casino would. The fantasy football contests on FantasySportslive are legal, because of an exemption for fantasy football in the UIGEA anti-gambling act. Because each contest at FSL requires you to select players from 2 or more games instead of betting on the outcome of 1 game, the fantasy football gambling on their site is considered a game of skill and not a game of chance - and therefore is legal. Go figure.

Last Man Standing Fantasy Football Games

One game you'll find on many fantasy football league sites and fantasy football games sites are the "survivor pools", also known as "Last Man Standing" pools. Every week, you choose an NFL team you think will win. If that team wins that week, you continue in the survivor pool. If your team loses, you're out. Everyone who picks a winner every week in the last man standing contest continues until there's only one team left. The trick is that you can only select an NFL team to win once. So if you pick the Dallas Cowboys to win, you can't select the Cowboys for the remainder of the last man standing game.

There are also NFL pool picks and NFL confidence pool picks, where you select all the winners in the NFL that week. In the NFL pool picks, you get 1 point for every winner you select every week, until a final winner is chosen (with the most points at the end of the year). In the NFL Confidence pool, you select winners as you do in the NFL pool picks, but you also assign a "confidence rating" to each pick - based on the number of games being played in the NFL that week. If all 32 teams are playing, there are 16 games being played, so your confidence ratings go from 1 to 16. You select one number between 1 and 16 for each winner you pick. Therefore, you might assign a 16 to the New England Patriots, a 15 to the Indianapolis Colts and so on. If the team you pick wins, you get the amount of confidence points you assigned to that NFL pick. The person with the most points at the end of the NFL regular season wins the NFL confidence pool.

Online Fantasy Football Games

There never has been more different ways to play online fantasy football games on the Internet than there is now. Fantasy sports have come a long way from those days when we all ran out to the 7-11 on Monday morning to grab the sports page, so we could record the fantasy scores from the box scores. Today, the Internet and fantasy football go hand-in-hand (and live scoring is expected). I'm sure there are types of online fantasy football I haven't even heard about yet, so when we learn of new and exciting online fantasy football, we'll report it here.

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