Fantasy Football Magazines

Fantasy Football Publications

Walk into any bookstore or newspaper and magazine retailer and you're likely to find dozens of fantasy football magazines. I counted twenty fantasy football publications at Barnes and Nobles, each one promising to get you at the top of your game. Since some of these magazines don't exactly come cheap -- $8 doesn't sound like much, but for one issue of one magazine?

What's a fantasy football fanatic to do when he wants a portable source of fantasy advice? You can't always lug the laptop around with you, and sometimes the information available on the Internet is real homogenized. How can you pick a good fantasy football magazine?

Here's a short list of the magazines I keep on hand during fantasy football season.

Fantasy Football Diehards

Fantasy Football MagazinesThis is a newer magazine -- most fantasy football publications have been around a couple decades (since the game's explosion in popularity at the dawn of the Internet) but this guy is different. Sure, Diehards contains the usual fantasy football magazine stuff -- strength of schedule, cheat sheets, info on fantasy football rookies, etc -- but they also provide a sharp focus on your draft day. There are a couple other FF mags aimed at assisting you with your draft, but Diehards is the first that has what you want from a standard magazine while also hooking you up for draft day.

The downside -- because it is a newer magazine, I have a little less faith in these guys overall. Give it time.

Pro Football Weekly

PFW, as it is known "in the biz", is a steady source of good fantasy football info and is trusted by millions of fantasy managers around the world. Their combo of online presence and fits-in-your-hand magazine is a one-two combo that many FF addicts swear by. You can get a full year's subscription to both their website and their magazine for around $80, and before you shoot milk through your nose, consider what you get -- 30 issues of rock solid fantasy football news, scores, insider info, and general kick-assery at under $3 a piece. Also, having both web and magazine access to your mojo is super convenient.

The information in PFW's "Whispers" section alone is worth a visit. Like to read rumors about NFL player's contracts? "Whispers" has it. Want to get the jump on a NFL player's suspension? The "Whispers" section is full of gossip and insight that you can't find elsewhere.

The downside -- sometimes you may be paying for stuff you could find for free online. However, you'd have to do a hell of a lot of digging to gather it all in one place.

Fantasy Football Draft Book

Besides general overviews of fantasy football stats and scores, there are plenty of magazines out there specific to every manager's need. Having trouble building your draft strategy? Check out the Fantasy Football Draft Book.

This year's issue of the Fantasy Football Draft Book is the 13th in a long line of exciting fantasy football draft info. A huge list of value picks and sleeper rankings will make you the envy of your fantasy league. Featuring 200 individual player profiles this year, alongside the usual features like interviews with fantasy football experts and plenty of cheat sheets for you to bring with you to the draft, if you're looking for a leg up on draft day, Fantasy Football Draft Book is the magazine you can't live without.

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