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The Best Fantasy Football Logo Ideas

Fantasy football logos are the face of your franchise to the members of your fantasy football league, and they say something about your personality. Lame fantasy football logos are a crime in fantasy football, just like lame fantasy football names should be outlawed. So here are some tips on putting the best fantasy football logos in your league and matching them perfectly with your cool fantasy football team name.

Fantasy Football Team Names

First of all, come up with a good fantasy football team name. This name should be funny when other league members first see it, or should make them wonder how the heck you came up with a team name like that. Leaving a little mystery or something to the imagination is never a bad idea. Alternately, an in-joke with one or more other members of the league makes for a great fantasy football team name. The idea is that you have a cool name that also makes people laugh - or at least smile.

What you don't want with a fantasy football name is something people are going to forget instantly. You don't want to name your team something lame like the Lions, the Wildcats or the Giants. Don't name them after your favorite college team or your favorite NFL team. That's completely normal and forgettable. The last thing you want is to have the most normal team name in the league. Even worse is having the most normal fantasy football logo in your league.

Fantasy Football Logo Ideas

Fantasy Football LogosSo if you have a good fantasy football team name, ideas for a cool fantasy football logo should come pretty easy. Fantasy football logos not only put the exclamation point on your team's name, but it also presents your team on the fantasy football league site at several key places: in the standings, on the message board and on your team homepage. When people in your fantasy league hear your name, one of the first things that will come to mind is your logo. This team logo will be associated with you, so it's that important.

Once again, fantasy football logos that make people laugh are good. Fantasy football logos with half-naked or three-quarters-naked women work pretty well, though you're bound to get comments and even complaints from some knucklehead in your league who complains "my wife saw my screen" or the "kids play around the computer". That's one you're going to have to make a decision on yourself.

Funny Fantasy Football Logos

Even better, a fantasy football logo that people don't immediately figure out, or somehow makes people think, is always a good idea. In one of my leagues, my team name is "Breaston Largement" and my logo is a headshot of Steve Breaston with a full afro. My team homepage picture is Steve Breaston with the same hair out in the parking lot of a football stadium, shaking hands with a really large African-American man and pointing at the man's Wolverine tattoo.

The people in my league, most of whom I'd never met before the draft, wondered who the heck these guys were. In fact, several of them thought those were pictures of me and my friend (I'm a white guy, by the way). I honestly thought it was obvious that a team with the name "Breaston" in it would have a picture of Steve Breaston, but I guess not. Ironically, I wasn't able to pick up Steve Breaston in the draft.

Wacky Fantasy Football Logos

Sometimes, you have to go with a completely wacky fantasy football logo. In another league, I co-owned the team and we came up with the name H.R. Humpinstuff, a reference to the 1970's Sid & Marty Croft live-action fantasy costumed character, H.R. Pufnstuf. This logo made itself. Google HR Pufnstuf and you'll see endless pictures of a really bizarre looking yellow mascot with a "mayor" badge on it. Though the Croft Brothers claim that pufnstuf wasn't a drug reference, H.R. has big circles under his eyes and has a theme song that goes, "you can't do a little 'cause you can't do enough". So Humpinstuff's logo is one of an ever-changing pictures of Pufnstuf and his friends.

In one league where the Commissioner wanted child-friendly themes because of certain grandfatherly figures in the league, I chose the child-friendly team name "Firepower of That Magnitude", a reference to a famous line uttered by Admiral Ackbar in Return of the Jedi. My logo was an officious picture of Admiral Ackbar, while my team homepage picture was a pitiful looking Halloween mask of the Admiral.

Fantasy Football Logo Headshots

In my experience, head shots of people and characters make some of the best fantasy football logos. That's because the pictures that show up in the standings on your league homepage are likely to be pretty small. Anything too detailed is likely to be lost by the lack of detail. But a head shot logo tends to translate well, even at a small scale. Here's an example or two of good headshot logos.

Cool Fantasy Football Logos

Don't be afraid to have your team name and team logo be a non-sequitur. Non-sequitur literally means "it does not follow" and it's a joke where the punchline really doesn't make rational sense, but is still funny.

One year, I was setting up a new league site. I wanted place-sitter names for everyone I had invited into the league, so I gave everyone a name that was an injoke. One friend was always playing a song in his truck called "Paranoia in B-Flat Major" by the Avett Brothers - a song he played so much that it annoyed me. So I named his team Paranoia in B-Flat Major. He came along, decided he liked the name enough to keep it for a year (mainly to annoy me), but he didn't include a picture of the Avett Brothers or a composer or something you would expect. His team logo was a headshot of Grandpa Jones in a hat holding a banjo.

Now that fantasy football logo made no sense, but it was funny and memorable anyway. Other members of the league who didn't know the joke had to wonder what the heck the reference was and whether Grandpa Jones was either a composer or a paranoid.

Memorable Fantasy Football Logos

In the end, having a memorable fantasy football logo is what it's all about. Win, lose or stink, you want your team to stand out from the rest of the pack. A fantasy football league is a collection of fantasy football teams, and a great fantasy football league should be full of great personalities, great fantasy football rivalries and more than a few good fantasy football team names and logos.

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