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During your fantasy season, you’ll find yourself needing all sorts of fantasy football info to stay competitive. Let’s say your starting running back goes down with a broken leg. Do you know who his back-up is? If not, it’s fantasy football information to the rescue. The same applies to player performance, injury reports, juicy match-up opportunities, and much more. In the following article, I’ll run down some of the most important areas of fantasy football data and suggest some sites which provide it. After that, all you’ll have to do is draft a team and start playing.

Fantasy Football Injuries

Fantasy football injuries just plain suck. One minute you’re taunting your fellow owners about the performance of your stud player, and the next he’s being carted off the field. To remain ahead of the pack, you’ll need to stay aware of the latest NFL injuries, and that’s where the following info sites come in.

Fantasy Football InfoESPN - They’re not called the “worldwide leader in sports” for nothing. If you need all the latest on fantasy football injuries, you can do much worse than starting here.

USA Today - Off all the national newspapers, USA Today features the most robust section dedicated to fantasy football info. Their website continues that tradition, and you can expect to find plenty of data about the latest fantasy football injuries.

Ask the Commish - This site for fantasy football information offers features such as power rankings, team analysis, and weekly picks, but they also provide a weekly injury report that’s right to the point. You can sort injuries by position, team, status, or last name, and you can even see all the injuries from the NFC and AFC listed together.

Fantasy Football Start & Sit Advice

Every week during the season, you’ll have to decide which players to start and which players to bench. While starting your studs is always a must, you may have a bench player with an especially strong match-up for the week. To recognize these advantages, it never hurts to get a little fantasy football start & sit advice. Here are a few of the best resources available.

Fantasy Football Starters - Their site offers a free software application known as the Fantasy Football Power Line-up Analyzer. There’s a patent pending, so you know someone is serious about this program. Basically, you just enter your roster and the software will suggest your strongest starting line-up by factoring in such elements as weather, past performance, match-ups, and more. This fantasy football information is also available via your cell phone or other wireless device.

The Fantasy Lounge - Weekly updates on who to start and who to bench. Each position is covered, from kickers and tight ends to quarterbacks and wide receivers.

Football Cash Cow - Each week, this site will give you a start list and a bench list. In addition, they’ll offer weekly waiver wire suggestions. After each week’s games are over, they’ll also go back and grade whether they were right or wrong about their recommendations. I love sites which actually admit their mistakes, and that’s one of the many reasons why Football Cash Cow made my list.

Between fantasy injuries and start & sit advice, you should be pretty well covered during your fantasy football season. Just pop onto these sites a few times a week, and you’ll get all the fantasy football info you could possibly need.

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