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Fantasy football owners looking for fantasy football help can find it in a number of places throughout the Internet. There are all sorts of fantasy football advice sites and fantasy football forums you can use to get good help with your fantasy football team. Heck, there are even fantasy football trade evaluators out there for you to evaluate the fantasy football trade offers you receive. There's no reason why a new fantasy football player has to be in the dark about how to run a fantasy football team.

Fantasy Football Trade Analyzers

You can go to a fantasy football message board to ask advice on your trade, but you're just as likely to get attitude from the fantasy football veterans there. Many will be nice and give you good fantasy football trade advice, but there are two types you have to watch out for. One is the guy who thinks he's such a fantasy football guru that he should be an NFL GM, simply because he has nothing better to do with his time than register 16,000 posts on a fantasy football website. The other type is the smartass who wants to make fun of the level of competition you play against, if that's the kind of trade being made. You might get a comment like, "That's a good roster you have there. What does you little sister's roster look like?"

Fantasy Football HelpFor guys looking for fantasy football help without a lot of guff, you might try fantasy football trade analyzers. There are several automated tools and resources where fantasy football owners can enter the players being traded and their scoring system, and see if the numbers show your trade is a good one. This is especially good for those new to fantasy football who want to know they aren't being robbed in a trade. Sometimes, it's good to use a fantasy football evaluator to make sure you're making the right move.

Fantasy Football Draft Evaluator - Fantasy Football Roster Analysis

You can also go to a site like KFFL to find a fantasy football draft analyzer, if you are wondering whether the team you drafted is what you think it is. Even many fantasy football veterans run their rosters through a fantasy football roster evaluation tool at an online site, because they want to pat themselves on the back or pass the time until NFL season gets here.

Once again, you can go to a fantasy football forum and ask for feedback about your draft or fantasy football roster. I would suggest you go to the forums that specifically answer such questions, because if you post such questions in a general fantasy football forum, you're likely to get snarky feedback.

My Fantasy League Average Auction Value List

Those who want to set a price total for their upcoming fantasy football auction can check out My Fantasy League's "average auction value" list, which gives the value of all the fantasy football players who've gone in a fantasy football auction this year. The average auction value gives you the average amount that player has gone for, and gives you a number to set as your player's value. If owners in your league bid higher than a player's average value, you know that your league's owners are valuing that player higher than the average fantasy football league. If a player's bids are falling short of the AAV number, then you know that player might be undervalued in your league. That might be the time to pounce on that player.

Fantasy Football Help - Fantasy Football Advice

Finally, if your fantasy football league uses a league management website, that fantasy football site is almost certainly going to provide player news and even fantasy football player advice and tips. Make certain the fantasy football news and fantasy football tips on that site is turned on or is one your league homepage. Sift through all the fantasy tips and notes and see which ones make sense to you. Some fantasy sites even have suggested free agent pickups that you can follow. Once you've played fantasy football for a while, you'll start to gain confidence in your fantasy football talent evaluation. But until you build your own scouting profile and fantasy strategies, you can get advice from your paid ff website that should give you all kinds of fantasy football help.

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