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Fantasy football games provide a great way to bond with friends during the NFL season, and you’re almost guaranteed to increase your knowledge of the sport. While the traditional fantasy football game remains the most popular, there are a wide array of fantasy football variations which put a unique spin on things. In the article below, we’ll mainly focus on those fantasy football variants which differ from the norm, so keep an open mind while reading. Who knows? You may find one of the following to be just as appealing as the standard fantasy football contests your buddies are so crazy about.

Blood Bowl - I wanted to start the list with a variant that’s completely out of left field. The Blood Bowl board game is considered “fantasy” football, but only because it features fantasy creatures like orcs, elves, goblins and trolls. Besides trying to get the ball across the opponent’s goal line, you can also pummel the opposing players without mercy and even kill them. Meant as a parody of American football, this entertaining board game has been around since 1987, and a couple of computerized versions of the game, as well as online play, are available (with a SEGA version featuring the name and image of former Falcons coach Jerry Glanville). If you like football and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, then you might want to give this fantasy football variation a look.

Fantasy Football GamesFantasy Sports Live - This is a unique fantasy football game which allows players to win lots of money each week without having to start the same roster over and over. In fact, participants can have a completely different team in multiple contests each week, and NFL players like Tom Brady may wind up on two teams going head-to-head. Each contest has an entry fee, but it also has a guaranteed payout for first place (and sometimes second or third place). All you have to do is achieve a higher score than your opponents, and you’ll get paid straight cash, homey. In addition to their fantasy football contests, Fantasy Sports Live also offers competitions for the NHL, NBA, NASCAR, and MLB.

Survivor Fantasy Leagues - There are several ways that this type of fantasy league can be approached. One type is where players simply select an NFL team each week that they believe will win their upcoming game. If the team wins, the player “survives” to select again the next week. If the team loses, the player is eliminated from the survivor pool. The last player remaining is the winner.

Another way to conduct a survivor fantasy league is to allow team owners to draft a new team of seven players each week. This makes participants pay close attention to injuries and match-ups, and they can only have the selected players for one week during the NFL season. This is an interesting take on fantasy football games and one that I hope to try someday.

Simulation Football - This fantasy football variant doesn’t even rely on the NFL to generate its stats. Instead, owners control teams of fictional players, and their weekly game performance is generated by a computer. While you won’t be able to watch your player on television, you also won’t have to stop playing fantasy football in December.

Fantasy Sports Stock Simulation - In this fantasy football game, players are bought and sold like commodities on the stock market. No weekly lineups are started, so you never have to pull your hair out over injuries or bye weeks. Leading companies which offer fantasy sports stock simulation include RotoHog, Protrade, and AthleteXchange.

Fantasy Football Playoff Leagues - Since most fantasy football games shut down around Week 16 of the NFL season, here’s a way to extend your enjoyment all the way through the Super Bowl. Teams are drafted once the NFL playoffs are set, and your goal is to try and balance productive fantasy players with those whose teams might make it to the league‘s biggest game of the year. Once a player’s team is eliminated from the NFL playoffs, you’ll lose the use of their services. This fantasy football variation combines strategy with pure guesswork, and you can imagine the kind of scrubs who get drafted with the reduced player pool. This fantasy football variation is for the truly hardcore fan.

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