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Free fantasy football games can be lots of fun, and they’re also easier on the ‘ol wallet. You still get all the excitement of fantasy football, but you’ll have money left over for cool things like beer and, uh, beer. There are numerous free fantasy football contests to choose from out there, but I thought it might be handy to run down some of the best available. Choose any of the following free fantasy football leagues, and you’ll be cheering (and cursing) your squad of players in no time.

ESPN Fantasy Football - One of the biggest free fantasy football games available, ESPN has tons of drafts taking place every day. When I was doing my research for this article, I noticed dozens upon dozens of free fantasy football leagues preparing to get underway. Some were even drafting at four or five in the morning, which would be perfect for long-haul truck drivers, insomniacs, and vampires. Drafts can be set to auto pick, live, or auction, and ESPN will manage your fantasy football league for free all season. You’ll need to pay for a league if you want a chance to win prizes from ESPN, but it’s not a requirement. And let’s be honest: sometimes bragging rights are just as rewarding as a fistful of cash.

Free Fantasy FootballFleaflicker - Affiliated with the fellas at Fanhouse, Fleaflicker is another one of the free contests you should be familiar with. They offer the following services: live scoreboard, player analysis, live draft, detailed stats, custom scoring and rules, competition from around the world, and the ability to import your existing league. Started in 2005, Fleaflicker was named “the best fantasy football site out there” by TechCrunch in 2006. In 2008, they were purchased by online juggernaut AOL, so you know they’re not just a flash in the pan. - It’s the official website of the National Football League, so it’s no surprise that they offer free fantasy football. Players can join leagues or create their own leagues, and league champions will be eligible for a trip for two to the next Super Bowl or tickets to the next NFL Draft. The site offers real time scoring, updated news, league chat features, expert analysis from Michael Fabiano, and you can even make fantasy moves from you mobile phone. Really, who’s going to know free fantasy football games better than the NFL?

Yahoo! Fantasy Sports - The casual fantasy football player can enjoy a league for free, while the more hardcore fan may want to sign up for the fee-based Fantasy Football Plus. The free version is still pretty awesome, though, with real-time scoring, custom leagues, public leagues, custom scoring, and much more. There’s also plenty of NFL news and fantasy football forums to keep you updated on the latest happenings around the league. If you’re looking for a user-friendly alternative to some of the more complicated fantasy football sites, Yahoo! Sports is a nice selection.

FOX Sports - When they’re not busy giving those Democrats hell, FOX is also offering free fantasy football games through their FOX Sports website. Interested parties can join a league filled with strangers from around the world, or they can assemble a group of buddies and create their own private league. These free leagues are fully customizable and offer research tools, live scoring, expert analysis, and fantasy football power rankings. You may also be interested in their FOX Pick’em game, which allows participants to pick against the spread each week for a chance to win a trip from Southwest Airlines.

There are a few more free fantasy football contests out there, but the ones listed above are the biggest in the industry. After all, you’ve gotta be pulling in some serious money from somewhere else to be able to offer free leagues in the first place.

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