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Fantasy football forums are a great way to stay on top of all the latest news and information from the National Football League. You can give and receive advice, wax nostalgic on your fantasy football glory days, and even get in a little trash talking for good measure. Any of the forums out there will have their share of trolls, post whores, and general jackasses, but you shouldn’t let that diminish your enjoyment. It’s all about being part of the community, and joining a forum devoted to fantasy football is a great way to wring even more fun out of the hobby.

Below, I’ve listed three of the best fantasy football forums currently available. These were selected based on their wide number of threads, amount of active users, and overall variety of topics. So pick your favorite, create a profile, and prepare to take part in some lively fantasy football discussions.

Best Fantasy Football Forums

KFFL Forums - When it comes to fantasy football news, it’s darned near impossible to beat the guys over at KFFL. Their Hot Off the Wire feature offers the latest news and rumors from around the National Football League, and it’s updated 24/7 for your convenience. But in addition to this feature, and their subscription-based fantasy football information, they also offer a number of forums for sports fans. They have MLB forums, NBA forums, NASCAR forums, NHL forums, college sports forums, and, of course, NFL forums. The NFL section includes a forum for each professional team (with the Philadelphia Eagles forum being the busiest), and there are also fantasy football forums for your reading enjoyment. The latter is broken up into the following sections:

  • Fantasy Football ForumsFantasy Football (General) - Readers can share their opinions or ask the community fantasy football questions. This is easily the most robust of their fantasy football forums, with over 14,000 posts on the subject. A quick glance showed fantasy football threads with such titles as “Players to give up on?”, “Does this trade make me any better?”, and “Help me name my lazy league members’ teams.”
  • Fantasy Leagues - Whether you’re looking to join a fantasy football league or start your own, this section will have you covered.
  • Mock Fantasy Drafts - This section thrives in the off-season, when fantasy football owners are looking to gauge how players will be valued in their upcoming drafts.
  • Q&A with KFFL’s William Del Pilar - The football guru behind the KFFL, William Del Pilar, is ready and waiting to personally answer your questions.
  • Fantasy Football Analysis Draft Discussion - Each year, KFFL takes part in their Fantasy Football Analysis Draft. This forum section allows registered users a chance to make their comments on all the fantasy football players taken in the draft.

The Huddle Forums - The Huddle is a massive fantasy football site packed full of all sorts of goodness. They have NFL team reports, NFL injury reports, comprehensive NFL combine coverage, off-season roster moves, subscription-based fantasy football content, and so much more. In business since 1997, you’ll have a hard time finding a better resource for all your fantasy football needs. And that’s not even taking into account The Huddle’s massive fantasy football forums. In addition to archived content, non-sports forums, and fantasy football forums dedicated to specific leagues, they also have the following available:

  • NFL Fantasy Football - The largest part of their fantasy football forums is known as NFL Fantasy Football. This section allows users to discuss all the latest NFL and fantasy football happenings, and it’s a great place to find the latest information on the status of an injured players. This section offers around 35,000 topics and 570,000 replies. A truly massive resource for fantasy football fans.
  • Fantasy Football Advice - Wondering who should be in your starting lineup this week? Need to know if a trade is fair? You can find the answers to these fantasy football questions and many more in this sections. Over 68,000 topics for your perusal.
  • Individual Defensive Players - A growing trend in fantasy football is to draft Individual Defensive Players such as linebackers, safeties, cornerbacks, and defensive ends. These are often known as IDP leagues, and this section of The Huddle is devoted to discussing the best (and worst) IDP players.
  • Find a League / Find an Owner - If you’re a fantasy football owner looking for a league, this is the place to find one. It’s also perfect if your league is short a few players.
  • College Football - A forum dedicated to the greatness which is the NCAA. With such topics as “USF is better than OU,” “”FSY Over BYU,” and “Michigan vs. Notre Dame,” you’ll never need to look anywhere else for all your college football needs. Over 30,000 posts and counting.
  • Non-Football - If you’re looking to talk about a sport other than the NFL, this is the place to do it. A quick glance at this section showed topics devoted to MMA, boxing, baseball, soccer, and many more. Around 2,500 topics to choose from, and it’s constantly growing.

Fantasy Football Café Forums - If you’re looking for a massive forum dedicated to fantasy football, you can stop your quest at the Fantasy Football Café. They have forums dedicated to such diverse topics as football-related video games, other fantasy sports, fan forums for each NFL team, fantasy football games, and a place to request or show off your fantasy football logo or avatar. On top of all that, check out the meat of their fantasy football forum content:

  • Routine Plays - This section covers roster ratings, start/bench advice, waiver wire suggestions, and trade analysis. Basically, it’s got everything you’ll need to manage a successful fantasy team each and every week. Over one-million posts and 300,000 threads.
  • Pimp My Squad - Injury updates are covered in this section, as well as sleeper free agents. Pimp My Ride was all about taking vehicles and making them even better. This section serves the same purpose, only with fantasy football teams.
  • Special Teams - Specialty advice and info for fantasy football commissioners, IDP league owners, and fans of college football.
  • Café LIVE! - Offers live chat functions as the NFL games are taking place. Root for your teams, taunt your opponents, and let off a little steam.
  • Fantasy School - For fantasy football beginners, this section offers frequently answered questions and a forum just for novices.
  • Football Leftovers - If it doesn’t fit into one of the other categories, you’ll find it right here.
  • Preseason Paradise - Both the upcoming draft and NFL season will be discussed in this area. Especially popular in those desolate months when there’s no football on television.
  • Classifieds - A place for leagues to recruit new owners, as well as a place for owners to find a new home. And isn’t bringing people together what fantasy football is all about?

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