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Fantasy football experts are great for helping you get a leg up on the competition during your fantasy football season. Whether these fantasy football gurus are giving you advice on the latest free agent, super sleeper, or important injury update, their advice can help make or break your team.

Of course, so many people out there claim to be fantasy football authorities that itís often difficult to know the contenders from the pretenders. Keeping that in mind, I decided to put together a brief overview of some of the names you might encounter when seeking the best fantasy football advice. If theyíre good, Iíll tell you so; if theyíre lousy, Iíll do the same. While this list of experts is far from comprehensive, it should help get you started down the path towards fantasy football domination (while avoiding a few misinformed land mines along the way).

  1. KFFL - The greatest feature which KFFL offers is up-to-the-minute news and rumors from around the NFL. Itís also free, which is a major plus for fantasy football owners on a budget. The site features a wide array of fantasy football articles, draft advice, NFL depth charts, weekly rankings, and much more. Some of the information requires a subscription, but itís well worth it. KFFL has a large number of contributors to choose from, but itís been my experience that each and every one falls into the category of fantasy football gurus.
  2. Paul Charchian - President of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association and the host of radioís Fantasy Football Weekly, Paul Charchian knows more than most other fantasy football experts combined. He also owns LeagueSafe, a company which stores a fantasy leagueís entry fees in a bank until itís time for payouts at the end of the season. Charchian founded, and heís published more than 200 issues of Fantasy Football Weekly. In addition to all these accomplishments, you can catch him as one of the guest fantasy football authorities on networks like ESPN and FOX Sports. Whenever you get a chance to get fantasy advice from Paul Charchian, I suggest that you listen.
  3. Ownerís Edge from Fanball - Since we just mentioned the founder of the company, Iíd be remiss not to give a free plug to Ownerís Edge from Fanball. This pay service allows you to get one-on-one advice from various experts and gurus. Better yet, communication with fantasy experts happens instantly in an IM-like setting, and youíll get advice tailored to your scoring system. You can ask as many questions as you want, and this expert fantasy advice is available Monday through Friday. The service is also offered in the off-season, so youíll be able to get fantasy and draft opinions whenever you need it.
  4. Fantasy Football ExpertsSports Illustrated - There are plenty of fantasy football authorities out there: Sports Illustrated isnít one of them. Sure, theyíre great at taking a journalistic approach to the world of sports, but they suck at the fantasy aspect. Their fantasy issue released a few months ago was an absolute embarrassment, and they should really stick to what they do best. If theyíre going to try to cash in on the fantasy football craze, and least get some writers who know what theyíre talking about. Until that happens, avoid Sports Illustratedís advice like the plague, because itíll be about that deadly to your fantasy team.
  5. Matthew Berry - Also known as The Talented Mr. Roto, Berry isnít afraid to stray from the pack when making fantasy football predictions. A former Hollywood screenwriter, Berry is ESPNís senior director of fantasy sports and a five-time award winner of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association. Besides winning in fantasy football, Matthew Berry has also picked up titles in both fantasy baseball and fantasy basketball. Never afraid to admit his mistakes, Berry is a great read regardless of whether or not you agree with his opinions. You can also catch him hosting the Fantasy Focus Football Podcast, where heís prone to talk about his love of Beverly Hills 90210 as much as fantasy football.

So there you have a few fantasy football experts, gurus, and authorities to follow, and a few to avoid.

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