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When most people hear the phrase “fantasy football contests,” they’re likely to imagine the traditional game of fantasy football where owners draft a team and compete throughout the season. But did you know that there are many other options available which come under the fantasy football umbrella? Whether it’s picking against the point spread or trying to select the best QB/RB/WR trio each week, this article will take a look at some of the more enjoyable and unique fantasy football contests which are available.

Pro Football Pick’em - One of the most common fantasy football contests, the player picks against the NFL points spread. If the spread lists a team with a “plus” sign in front of a number, it means the team is considered the underdog, and the number after the plus will be added to that team’s final score to determine whether or not they won. If there’s a “minus” sign in front of your chosen team, it means they’re the favorite for that week, and the number after the minus will be subtracted from their final score to determine if they won. For example, the game you’re looking at is the Colts vs. Steelers. The Colts are -3 and the Steelers are +3. If you select the Steelers, they’ll have three points added to their final score. If you select the Colts, they’ll have three points deducted from their final score. If the team you selected has the higher score after points are either added or subtracted, then you win. In most examples of Pro Football Pick’em, you’ll be asked to pick against the spread for a certain number of NFL games. In some cases, you’ll be asked to pick against the spread for every NFL game that week.

College Football Pick’em - This is exactly the same as Pro Football Pick’em, except you’re picking against the spread for college football teams instead of the NFL. College football can be even more challenging due to the many blowouts and upsets which occur each week.

Fantasy Football ContestsFantasy Football Weekly Lineup Challenge - Available at Fantasy Football Starters, this unique fantasy football contest challenges you to try and build the best line-up. Each week, you can select from any two players at each position. The goal is to try to predict which two players will score the most points that week. You’ll also be picking against a weekly expert, and you’ll earn bonus points for beating their score. Prizes are offered for the top weekly line-up, and additional points can be earned by answering questions and participating on the forums. An overall tally is also kept throughout the season, and the player with the most total points will receive a lifetime membership to Fantasy Football Starters, as well as a cool trophy.

Fantasy Football Team Name Contest - I’ve come across these before, so you might want to keep your eyes open for them during the NFL off-season. Basically, all you have to do is come up with a cool, funny or catchy fantasy football team name. People will vote, and the winner gets some sort of prize. Here are some examples of entrants into one fantasy football team name contest (found at the Bleacher Report): Romo Sexual, Forgetting Brandon Marshall, and Kendra’s Fun Basketts. Of all the fantasy football contests, this one lets you display your originality and creativity the most.

Fantasy Football Survivor - Each week, you select one NFL team whom you think will win their game. If they do, you’ll advance to the next week, but you won’t be able to select that team again. If the team you pick loses or ties, then you’re immediately eliminated from the contest. This is particularly challenging, as you’re likely to pick the best teams in the beginning. Barring getting eliminated because of upsets, the quality teams available to you will continue to shrink until you’re forced to play the match-ups and select from lower-quality teams like the Bengals and Browns (sorry Browns fans).

Fantasy Football 3-Play - This contest is available over at Pro Sports Daily. You can sign up for free, and the objective is to pick the best quarterback, running back and wide receiver each week. You can choose different guys every week, so the game is always different. The site has a resident expert who also plays, and you can earn bonus points by exceeding his weekly score. With this game, you’ll never have to worry about injuries or bye weeks.

Fantasy Football Debates - On the Fantasy Football Café forums, I came across a unique contest known as the Great Debates. Basically, a specific fantasy football topic is selected, and then you and your opponent take turns debating the subject for a panel of seven judges. When the dust has cleared, the judges will render their verdict and declare a winner. A great contest for those of you who like to argue.

Trivia Time Trial - Another unique contest from the Fantasy Football Café. When a player logs in and clicks on a thread, a clock starts counting down. The player must then answer a trivia question about football, but he’s also trying to do it faster than any of the other participants. You can use any resource you can get your hands on, but an Internet search is going to take up precious time.

Lucky Ladders - Once again, the boys from Fantasy Football Café come through. Here’s how it works: each week, predict the winners of all the NFL games and assign a confidence rating to each selection. For example, a game you’re absolutely certain about would get a 1, while a game you have no confidence in would receive a 16. Starting at one, each prediction is considered a rung on the ladder. As long as your predictions are correct, you can keep moving up the rungs of the ladder and earning more bonus points. If you miss a rung on the ladder you’ll stop receiving points, even if predictions higher on the ladder are correct. At the end of the NFL season, the player with the most overall points is considered the winner.

Fantasyjack - Here’s one final contest from the Fantasy Football Café. In Fantasyjack, you’ll begin by receiving two cards which represent NFL players. One will be a kicker, and the other player will be random. The objective is to make sure that all the players on your cards score a combined total closest to 21 for the upcoming week (without going over). You can take additional cards, but they all count towards your weekly total. Yards don’t count in this contest, only touchdowns and field goals. Without a doubt, one of the most original fantasy football contests which I’ve ever encountered.

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