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Fantasy football blogs are a dime a dozen. There, I said it. Speaking from experience now -- any idiot can get work writing on the Internet. Yours truly has his degree from Big Mac's Tank Repair and Writing School . . . and I get paid for this.

But seriously -- my point is that you can't just open up Google, type in "fantasy football blogs", and come up with anything useful. There arte simply too many fantasy football bloggers to throw a dart at a board and pick a trusted source.

What should you look for in a fantasy football blog?

Depends what kind of player you are. I know if I'm gonna read something every day for the length of the fantasy football season, I need it to have a little humor, or a little SOMEthing to keep me interested. That's the kind of person and player I am -- impatient and always looking to be entertained. The more one liners the better.

Fantasy Football BlogsSeriously -- if Rodney Dangerfield were still alive and engaged in fantasy football blogging, I'd set him as my home page. Maybe you're looking for humor, maybe you're interested in a sleek and well designed page, or maybe you want to read your fantasy news from a "big name" in fantasy. Whatever it is, figure out what keeps you at a site and seek that out.

More important than gimmicks, though, is the content of the fantasy football blog. Look for blogs that links to topics that interest you -- this implies the fantasy football blogger and you have something in common. Isn't that sweet.

It's that simple. Once you've found a fantasy blog or twelve that you enjoy, the best way to repay the blogger is to send them a ton of business. Tell your fantasy buddies (if they're not in your league). Tell your friends, your boss, your kid's karate teacher. Spread the word. (If you want them to continue their fantasy football blogging, you want to support them in their blogging efforts.)

Here is a quick review of just a handful of my favorite fantasy football blogs. C'mon -- I'm not gonna give it all away for free.

Fantasy Football Librarian first caught my eye because the writer is female. I know, I know -- at least I can admit my sexist male behavior right off the bat. She's cute, she's incredibly well versed in all things fantasy football, and her FF blog is just about the most valuable link I've got in my fantasy arsenal. She's a real life librarian with an apparent addiction to football, both college and pro, and a piggybacking addiction to fantasy sports.

I am just about sick of faceless fantasy football experts (all with very masculine names like Jack and Brad) weighing in with their opinions, their "unique" take on a fantasy situation, or bragging about their past success. The fantasy football librarian's site is made up of a daily collection of her favorite and most useful links from the world of fantasy football. This chick is no nonsense . . . there's very little chatter unrelated to fantasy football and her links are solid. Browsing over today's picks, I see a feature on QB and RB rankings from the FFGeeks that I'll have to check out, though her obsession with The Talented Mr. Roto leaves something to be desired.

Fantasy Football Goat - Just look at the recent post "Opening Day Should Be a National Holiday" to see where my interest in this guy started. He doesn't mind tossing in a little humor but his fantasy football game is best described by that long whistle that people use in the South to indicate a thing's large-ness. Look at his sleeper WR pick from week 1, Justin Gage. This is what Corey had to say: "Don't be surprised if Justin Gage comes down with 6 plus catches and a TD against the Steelers and becomes a hot commodity - at least for those in the know . . ." So what did Justin Gage do? Go out and and grab 7 receptions (for 78 yards) and a touchdown. Fantasy football goat coulda told you about that before it ever happened. Get out of my head!

Another great article this season -- Corey's unconventional approach to a draft (and updates on how they panned out) was an interesting look at the draft process -- through the eyes of someone who knows what they're doing. Better than I can say for myself.

Fantasy Football Blog - A no nonsense name for a no nonsense fantasy football blog. This one doesn't really match my taste (there's a very distinct dry flavor to the fantasy football talk at this site) but the information gathered here is a goldmine of stuff I can't get for free on the radio. The site itself is easy to read, easy on the eyes, and reminds me mostly of newspaper's websites. Designed to be easy to look at.

The advice is always delivered in a very direct way. There's hardly any chatter between orders to "BENCH: (player)" or "GET (player) back in your lineup". Sometimes when I'm reading I feel like I'm being shouted at by a drill sergeant -- sometimes that's what I need.

Cold hard facts -- that's what you're gonna get -- and opinions delivered with a stiff enough tone to convince you that these guys know something you don't. Don't expect much in the way of hospitality.

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