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Best Fantasy Football Magazines & Team Names

It may sound like a vague term, but “the best fantasy football” can mean many specific things to many people. Maybe you’re talking about the best fantasy football team names, the best fantasy football experts, or even the best fantasy football magazines. Whatever the case, this article has you covered when it comes to the best of anything involving fantasy football.

The Best Fantasy Football Magazines

Every year before fantasy football drafts take place, owners run to their local newsstand or bookstore to beef up on their football knowledge. The best fantasy football magazines can provide keen insight into a player’s situation for the upcoming season, as well as offer ideas on what round a player becomes a value or a liability. Here are three of the best magazines:

  • Best Fantasy FootballPro Football Weekly - In addition to their draft guide, Pro Football Weekly is also published for all 32 weeks of the NFL season. They have a website, syndicated radio show, and a half-hour television show.
  • Fantasy Football Index - Over 200 pages of player rankings, stats, depth charts, and dollar values for auction leagues. They also have an excellent website with plenty of content for the fantasy football fanatic.
  • Athlon Sports’ Fantasy Football Analyst - The 2008 version was named the “Best Fantasy Magazine” by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. Over 370 players are listed, and individual defensive players are also covered. 160 pages of advice, including tips from fantasy experts Dan and Kelly Grogan.

The Best Fantasy Football Team Names

Any fantasy owner worth his or her salt wants to have a wacky team name. Not only will your opponents remember you better, but you can also have a quick chuckle when considering just how clever you really are. In all my years of experience, here are ten of the best fantasy football team names that I’ve come across:

  1. Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza
  2. Greatest Show on Paper
  3. Church League Fistfight
  4. The Name…Is Dalton
  5. There’s Something About Marv Levy
  6. Live and Let Addai
  7. The Gentlemanly Sock Puppets
  8. Wonderlickers
  9. HeAteMe
  10. Dances with Whiskey

The Best Fantasy Football Owners

Plenty of us think we’re among the best fantasy football owners on the planet, but who can realistically claim that title? In my opinion, the bragging rights for the all-time best fantasy football owners belong to the winners of the annual World Championship of Fantasy Football, especially the $300,000 Main Event. According to the WCOFF website, here are the 10 overall best fantasy football owners:

  1. Hawk & Roll (Ian Ritchie & Mark Deming)
  2. Being Bill Belichik (Steven Korian)
  3. Mariss Chris (David Martino)
  4. Being Bill Parcells (Peter Korian)\
  5. Z-Men (Robert Zarzycki)
  6. The Champs (John Rozek)
  7. Ray Ray’s Revenge (Robbie Brown)
  8. Leroy’s Aces (David Gerczak)
  9. Indy Hitters (Kimra Schleicher)
  10. Shadow’s Wolf Pack (Randall Murray & Dannie Rich)

The Best Fantasy Football Players

When I first started playing fantasy football, guys like Steve Young, Jerry Rice and Herman Moore were some of the dominant players. But which players would make up the greatest fantasy football team of all time?

  • QB - Tom Brady - Patriots - 2007
  • RB - Ladainian Tomlinson - Chargers - 2006
  • RB - Priest Holmes - Chiefs - 2003
  • WR - Randy Moss - Patriots - 2007
  • WR - Jerry Rice - 49ers - 1995
  • TE - Todd Christensen - Raiders - 1983
  • K - Neil Rackers - Cardinals - 2005
  • DEF - Baltimore Ravens - 2000

So the next time someone starts talking about the best fantasy football whatever, you’ll have plenty of information to throw at them. If you start rattling off the all-time best fantasy football squad, I guarantee that they’ll simply stare at you in stunned silence. Of course, you’ll also have to beat the women off with a stick, as chicks just can’t get enough of guys with encyclopedic fantasy football knowledge (I think I read that somewhere).

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