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Fantasy football articles can be invaluable to the fantasy owner due to their wide-ranging information on a variety of topics. Whether you’re looking for advice on sleepers, free agents, or rookie players, there’s a fantasy football article out there somewhere that meets your needs. Below, I’ll be looking at some of the various types of fantasy football articles and providing a brief description for them. After that, I’ll also offer a few suggestions for those of you looking to read some award-winning fantasy football articles.

Types of Fantasy Football Article Topics

Fantasy Football ArticlesThe following are types of fantasy football articles you may encounter while surfing the digital waters of the Internet. Even though you may be looking for information on a particular fantasy football subject, you really can’t go wrong with reading any of these.

Add/Drop - Each week during the fantasy football season, it’s the same old story: who do you drop and who do your add to your team? An article of this sort is dedicated to highlighting lesser-known players who may be stepping up their game, while it will also indicate players who are consistently failing to produce. If you expect to be active in fantasy football free agency, this is a good type of article to read on a weekly basis.

Handcuffs - This term means a player who should be drafted as a safety precaution. In most cases, it applies to running backs who either play for an explosive offense or have a backup who’s especially talented. Darren Sproles would be a handcuff for Ladainian Tomlinson owners. The same might also apply to LenDale White and Chris Johnson, with White having demonstrated that he could possibly carry the load if Johnson went down with an injury. Please note that there’s no need to handcuff all your running backs, as some backups are simply not talented enough to make a difference on a weekly basis.

Sleepers - These are players who aren’t as widely known as the fantasy superstars. In fact, they are often unknown by most of the owners in your league. They do have potential, though, and sometimes a sleeper can end up turning into a nice addition to your fantasy football roster. Articles devoted to this subject can help you turn up a few hidden gems during the season.

Rookie IDP Review - While offensive rookies usually take some time to contribute to their team, IDP players (especially linebackers) can often come in and make a difference right away. This type of article focuses on first-year defensive players, discussing their team situation and their chance to make an immediate impact. Not very useful if you play in a non-IDP league, but they’re good as gold if you do.

Mock Drafts - These articles are usually just a list of the players taken during a specific mock draft. While they’re not infallible, they can give an owner an idea of what value is placed on certain players prior to their draft. That way, the owner can draft with at least some idea of what round a player might go in. It’s also quite a bit of fun for owners who get bored waiting for fantasy football season to start.

30-Something Running Backs - Traditionally, a running back is washed up when he hits the age of 30. This article (and those like it) focuses on runners who’ve hit the three-decade mark. It’s useful for separating those runners who still have some gas in their tank from those whose needle is sitting on empty.

Injury Reports - One of the most frustrating parts of fantasy football is dealing with injuries. They can strike at any time, and they can absolutely devastate your team. They can be overcome, however, and reading a weekly injury report is one of the best ways to do this. One of the most useful of all the fantasy football articles.

Offensive Line Rankings - While some owners may skip right past this kind of article, it does have its uses. Since a running back relies on the offensive line to open running lanes, wouldn’t it be nice to know which runners have the best group of guys in front of them?

Coaching Changes - Being a NFL coach is a tough job, and there’s a certain amount of turnover every year. This type of article will analyze any new coaching situations in the league, explain the coaches offensive and defensive philosophy, and discuss whether or not a new playbook is being installed for the team to learn. This is an area of fantasy football that’s often overlooked, but a new coach can have a major positive or negative impact on his team. You can also find similar fantasy football articles dedicated to offensive coordinator changes.

Training Camp Battles - In the off-season, it’s not unusual to see a number of training camp battles taking place. By training camp battles, I mean two or more players competing to see who wins a starting job on the team. On offense, this is most common with quarterbacks and wide receivers, but it can happen at any position. This article will keep you updated as the competition progresses and offer opinions on who’s currently in the lead.

The PPR Factor - In a point per reception league, some players can see a significant increase in value, especially running backs who catch lots of passes. This article is designed to point out which players can benefit from such a rule modification, and which players may actually drop in value.

“Confessions of a Fantasy Expert” - Written by Lenny Pappano of Draft Sharks, this award-winning fantasy football article details Lenny’s longtime passion for the hobby, discusses some of his triumphs and failures, offers some sage fantasy advice, and talks about situations that all fantasy owners can relate to. It’s presented in a humorous and well-written fashion, and it’s a must-read for all fantasy football owners. In case you’re wondering, it took the Best Web-based Article Award in 2005 from the Fantasy Sports Writers Association.

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