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Fantasy Football Draft and Trade Analysis

Fantasy football analysis comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether we’re talking about free agents, injury reports, super sleepers, or bye week replacements, every type of fantasy football analysis is designed to transform your team of contenders into an unstoppable juggernaut of gridiron excellence. In the following article, we’ll be looking at the various types of analysis, as well as pointing out a few excellent websites and resources that you should be aware of. So pop the top off a cold one, relax, and prepare to be schooled in the mysterious arts of fantasy football.

Fantasy Football Injuries

Fantasy Football AnalysisNothing can wreck a team worse than fantasy football injuries. Any veteran player has been struck by the injury bug at least a few times, and there’s nothing more frustrating that watching your first-rounder get carted off the field. But while injuries are a major pain in the butt, they can be overcome by careful fantasy football analysis. If you don’t want to do all the work yourself, I’d recommend a service like the Pro Football News & Injury Report. Headed by big names like Adam Caplan, Jay Glazer, and Steve Cohen, this site gives in-depth fantasy football analysis about the league in general and injuries in specific. Heck, they’ve even got an endorsement from Bill Belichick, the undisputed master of turning weekly injury reports into a nightmare.

Fantasy Football Free Agents

Whether you’re looking for a fill-in during a bye week or just depth for your roster, fantasy football free agents can be a real boon. In some cases, a player will come out of nowhere to post huge numbers, and getting him on your roster could very well help you win the league title. Skilled fantasy football analysis is key in this sort of situation, and I’d recommend a service like FFToolbox or KFFL. Some of their information can be had for free, but the subscription-based parts will give you an even greater advantage over your opponents.

Fantasy Football Draft Analysis

While free agents are important, the foundation of your team is put in place on draft day. For this reason, solid fantasy football draft analysis is key to your team’s success throughout the season. Whether you need to know who to avoid in the first round or snag in the fifth round, a fantasy football analysis site like DraftSharks will keep you covered through the preseason and all the way up until your draft. If you get their expanded package, they’ll also offer trade advice, free agent tips, and much more throughout the NFL season.

Fantasy Football Trade Analysis

Making a blockbuster trade in fantasy football is always lots of fun, but sometimes it’s good to get an outside opinion. Are you getting screwed, or did you pull one over on your trade partner? Sites like Fantasy Football Starters offer trade analysis software, or you can consult a site like The Huddle and seek trade advice from the thousands of so-called experts lurking on their message boards.

Fantasy Football Weekly Starters

Another important element of fantasy football analysis is knowing who to activate each week. Starting your studs is a no-brainer, but other players may have strong match-ups which you should be aware of. If one of your lesser-known receivers is going against the league’s worst pass defense, you should at least consider putting him into the starting lineup for that particular week. Most subscription sites will offer this kind of feature, or you can elect to do it yourself.

So there you have the various types of fantasy football analysis. I would recommend you become familiar with the sites I mentioned above, as I’ve come to respect their opinions during my 15-year fantasy football career. Now that you know what to look for, get out there and kick a little fantasy tail.

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