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How to Play Fantasy Cricket

Cricket is a sport with similarities to baseball. It is especially popular in Britain, India, and countries that once belonged to the British Empire. Cricket is a ball and bat game played between two teams consisting of eleven players. Like in baseball, one team pitches and plays the field while the other team bats.

What Is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is a virtual game like other fantasy sports. It is usually played online. Players create teams consisting of members based on real-life cricket players. The success of your virtual team is based on how well the real-life players do in their real cricket matches.

To win a fantasy cricket tournament or a fantasy cricket league, players must receive more points than the competing teams. Points are accumulated depending on how well their team members perform. Rankings are kept track of on a message board or leader board. There are several variations to the game and different rules depending on what league you join.

The point of fantasy cricket is to live the fantasy of managing a sports team using players of your own choosing.

The Internet has plenty of websites featuring fantasy cricket games. All you have to do is read the rules, join up (it is usually free) and choose your team. The rules are simple and anyone with a basic understanding of cricket can play. But to put together a competitive fantasy cricket team, you need to know the players.

How Do You Play Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy CricketLearning how to play fantasy cricket is easy.

Although every fantasy cricket site has its own rules, all of them share the same basic rules based on the real game. When you join a fantasy cricket site, there will be a list of international players for you to choose from. Drafting your team involves various methods, one of the most common of which is point allotment. Players, now referred to as managers, receive a number of points to spend. Real-life cricket players are worth a number of points depending on what their current stats and rankings are in the game.

The idea is to select a well-balanced team that has an equal number of skilled batsmen and bowlers. As real-life cricket matches are played, the points for cricket players fluctuate. If a player has a bad season, they are worth fewer points. If a player has an exceptional season, they are worth more points. Points are never static from season to season.

When choosing your fantasy cricket team, you need to choose eleven players. The make-up of your team depends on the specific tournament. For instance, some tournaments require you to choose 5 Batsmen, 1 Wicket Keeper, 2 All-Rounders, and 3 Bowlers. Other games may require a different make-up such as 6 Batsmen, 4 Bowlers, and 1 Wicket Keeper. One team member is chosen as captain and they score double the amount of points than the rest of the team.

Teams can be modified a number of times before the start of the game. Once the game begins, there will be limited number of transfers that you can make. Transfer limits vary for each game and you canít make one while a match is in progress.

Scoring points is what the game is all about and the rules for that are simple. Every time a player does well in a match, your team scores points. Points are different from game to game but generally, they run something like this:

  • Each 5 Runs Scored : 1 Point
  • Match Score of 100 +: 4 Points
  • Match Score of 80 to 99: 2 Points
  • Match Score of 70 to 79: 1 Point
  • For Every Catch: 3 Points
  • For Every Run: 1 Point
  • For One Wicket: 25 Points
  • For Every Stumping: 3 Points

The winner of each fantasy cricket game can receive anything from a title to a cash prize to bragging rights. The game is purely entertainment but most zealous cricket fans take it quite serious.

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