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First off, let me say that Vladimir Guerrero has the best name in fantasy baseball. "Vlad Guerrero" just conjured up the image of a power hitter feared by MLB pitchers.

Vladimir Guerrero is considered 1 of the best bad ball hitters in the majors. "Bad ball" is the term for a pitch out of the strike zone, which a batter shouldn't even be swinging at. While a hitter with this reputation indicates bad pitch selection by the hitter, it also scares the heck out of opposing pitchers. Pitchers like to get batters to swing at something just off of the plate, but that strategy doesn't help if the hitter is adept at hitting those balls, too.

Vladimir Guerrero - Fantasy BaseballThat's the secret of Vlad Guerrero's success. No matter where a pitcher places the ball, Guerrero can put the bat on it. That puts tremendous pressure on a pitcher, who might not be sure where to aim the ball.

Of course, V. Guerrero has many other virtues. Standing at 6'3" and 235 pounds, he is an imposing figure in a batter's box. His 27 home runs and 75 RBIs in the first half makes him one of the most productive hitters in 2007, right in the same pack with Alex Rodriguez and Magglio Ordonez.

His numbers translate to around 55 homers and 150 runs batted in, which in most years would translate to MVP votes. A-Rod looks to be running away with the vote, though if Vlad was playing in New York City, we might be hearing a different story.

Those power numbers and his bad ball hitting might not be so impressive, except Vladimir combines those with one of the best batting averages in the American League. At this moment, Vlad Guerrero is hitting .329.

Vladimir Guerrero's Career

Had Vlad Guerrero not spent most of his career with the hapless and isolated Montreal Expos, his certainly would be a household name. In the years 1998 to 2003, Vlad hit HR totals of 38, 42, 44, 34, 39 and 25 (back injury). The last "paltry" total got him traded to the Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels, where he has spent the past 4 years. In his first three efforts with the Angels, Guerrero has posted homer totals of 39, 32 and 33.

That might not be the highest total of home runs in that span, but they are near the top for consistent big ball production. Over the same period, his batting average stands at over .325. He's the heart and soul of the Los Angeles Angels hitting lineup.

Notes On Vlad Guerrerro

Nicknames for Vladimir Guerrero include Big Daddy Vladdy, Vlad the Impaler and the Vladiator. He is one of the few players who does not wear a batting glove. Instead, he coats his helmet in pine tar, so he can touch his helmet and get the stickiness needed to hold onto his bat while batting. This leaves a distinctive blackened stain on Guerrero's bright red Angels batting helmet. Like so many of today's great baseball players, Vlad is from the Dominican Republic.

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Posted July 7, 2007.

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