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Trevor Hoffman is a virtual lock to join the Baseball Hall of Fame. How that translates to fantasy baseball is a different matter altogether. In leagues where saves are one of the categories scored, then it's nice to have the all-time saves leader. In leagues where the bullpen is not highlighted, drafting Hoffman might not be such a great idea.

No doubt, Trevor Hoffman is one of the most underrated players in baseball. There's no telling the kind of fame and recognition he would get if he had played in New York or Boston. Instead, he has played the past 15 seasons in San Diego, where baseball accomplishments sometimes go unnoticed. When Hoffman passed Lee Smith in 2006 on the all-time saves list, it was hardly discussed on many national broadcasts.

The numbers speak for themselves. Hoffman has a career ERA of 2.69. You might say Hoffman's ERA should have the asterisk of his playing in the National League, where the pitchers go to the plate. But Hoffman is playing late in the game, when managers will inevitably pinch hit for their relief pitchers. So Hoffman's numbers don't reflect 10% of at-bats throwing against opposing pitchers.

Trevor Hoffman - Fantasy Baseball

Trevor Hoffman - A Life in Baseball

Trevor was introduced to big league baseball early on, but not in the traditional manner. His father was the California Angels singing usher for 15 years, so that Trevor spent a lot of time at Angels games as a kid. His father had previously travelled the world singing with the Royal Guards. Hoffman's mother was a professional ballerina.

Trevor's love of baseball came in his pre-teen and early teen years. His older brother, Glenn Hoffman, was the Boston Red Sox shortstop.

With his obvious cheering interest in the Angels and Red Sox, one would have expected Hoffman to eventually leave San Diego in free agency. That has never been the case, as Hoffman has remained with the Padres after coming over from the Marlins in a 1993 trade. Like with Tony Gwynn, the Padres like to lock up their future Hall of Famers to lifetime contracts. At 39, it appears that Trevor Hoffman will spend the remainder of his career in San Diego.

Trevor Hoffman Career Stats

It doesn't appear that Hoffman's skills are eroding, even as he approaches 40. His career stats include a 2.69 ERA with 507 saves, 51 wins and 58 losses.

Once again, if your league scores for saves, Hoffman is the first reliever who should be taken. With his age, it's natural to wonder how long he can keep this up, but he's a spring chicken compared to Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens, and has a whole lot fewer innings than any career starter does. In 2007, Hoffman has posted 25 saves with a 1.91 ERA, which is well below his career average.

On fantasysportslive, I wouldn't draft Trevor Hoffman at all. The relief pitcher simply isn't a factor in their games right now, though I imagine that will change with time.

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