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Ryan Howard is the current reigning NL MVP. His 2006 season was a breakout year, when he finished with .313 average with 58 HRs and 149 RBIs. Though Howard won the NL Rookie of the Year in 2005, his 2006 numbers were way beyond expectations. Many fantasy owners won leagues on the strength of Ryan Howard's 2006 numbers.

Ryan Howard is also an interesting prospect in 2007. He went on the DL in early May, costing him nearly a month of production. For this reason, Howard's numbers are below expectations. If the Ryan Howard owner in your league is frustrated with the way the early season has gone, now is the time to bring in this young power hitter in a trade.

Some of the daily fantasy sites have Howard vastly underrated in terms of salary cap numbers. Drafting Ryan is a great way to bust the salary cap in some of these leagues. Fielding a team with guys like Ryan Howard, Michael Young and Alfonso Soriano--all of whom have had disappointing years until June--is a perfect way to get value for your salary cap money.

Ryan Howard Fantasy Baseball

Phillie Fanatics

The Phillies line up has become one of the more exciting offenses in the National League. Led by such men as Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, the Phillies are a classic .500 ball club with good hitting and typically mediocre pitching. Sitting at 43-42, their fans can expect to exciting baseball, if not winning baseball.

Ryan Howard himself is a classic power hitter. His average is hovering around .250 this year, but he still shows power when he does hit the ball. Even in limited time this year, he has 20 HRs and 62 RBIs. That translate to 40-120, placing Howard among the elite of the sport. Consider that Howard missed the better part of a month already, and his numbers (if you take games played) would project to right around the 58 and 149 he had last year.

Projection: 2007 and Beyond for Ryan Howard

This won't be another MVP year for Ryan Howard, but if you acquire him at the midpoint of the season, you might well be able to plug MVP-type numbers into your lineup for the rest of 2007. Consider that he has solid contributors along the Phillies roster and Howard isn't on an island production wise.

At only 27, Howard is coming into his prime years. He's a player who should stay in the elite level for years to come, and he might even improve somewhat. It would be hard to improve his power numbers, though his average might climb in the next few years. If you run a "dynasty" league, grab this guy and hold onto him for the next 5-7 years.

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