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Roy Oswalt hit the ground running in the Major Leagues. His rookie campaign in MLB saw Oswalt finish with a 14-3 record. Since that time, his win totals have numbered 19, 10 (injuries), 20, 20 and 15.

Roy Oswalt is one of my favorite pitchers to watch. He works quick, not laboring over pitch selection, which keeps the game moving. Oswalt throws a lot of breaking balls early in the count, meaning that he induces a lot of ground balls. His main strength is the ability to mix in a lot of pitches, keeping batters off-balance with the different speeds coming at them.

Roy Oswalt is something of a wonder to watch. He stands only 6 feet tall, which is rather slight in this age of pitching giants like Randy Johnson (6'9") and Chris Young (6'10"). But his mixes in a solid fastball (mid-90's) with two different curveballs, a slider, a changeup and even the rare two-seam (sinking) fastball and cut fastball.

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Roy Oswalt - Command and Control

Oswalt's command is solid, as he has a career 3.86 strikeout-to-walk ratio. He has an excellent 3.05 career ERA pitching exclusively for the Houston Astros. This means the 3-time All-Star keeps his pitch count low. He consistently is among the league leaders in pitching.


Along with Roger Clemens and Andy Pettite, Oswalt formed a formidable pitching rotation on the Astros 2004 World Series ball club. The Astros got to the World Series despite anemic hitting that year, though their hitting woes eventually caught up to them in the Series. Experts considered Oswalt the best and most clutch pitcher on the Astros, despite being grouped with more famous and accomplished pitchers in Clemens and Pettite.


Roy Oswalt has an 8-5 record in 20 starts with the Astros in 2007. His era is 3.53 and he has 94 strikeouts. The Astros have slumped to 39-50 this year, largely due to the departure of several stars. Jeff Bagwell retired in the offseason, while Roger Clemens and Andy Pettite took huge money to defect to the New York Yankees. The Astros did sign Carlos Lee in free agency, while veteran Craig Biggio made history by logging his 3,000th hit.

Looking ahead, the Astros will look to rebuild around Roy Oswalt. That rebuilding process almost got a jump-start when the Astros tried to trade for White Sox star pitcher, Jon Garland. The trade fell through, though the Astros eventually sent the players they were trading to the White Sox in a deal for a couple of Rockies pitchers.

Roy Oswalt appears willing to stay in Houston and ride out the rebuilding process. His past incidates that Oswalt values stability, as evidenced by the fact that he married his high school sweetheart, who is reported to have been a childhood friend and t-ball teammate.

Staying in Houston is not such a bad thing for fantasy owners of Oswalt. The Houston ballpark tends to favor pitching, which is one of the reasons the Astros are able to lure pitchers in free agency. Because the franchise has seen the value of great pitching, it is assumed the Astros will keep Oswalt and find a way to add a couple of star pitchers to the rotation.

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