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Roy Halladay was one of the first pitchers taken by owners in fantasy baseball. His three-quarters throwing motion makes him one of the most recognizable--and most successful--pitchers in baseball. His rise to prominence is made more incredible by the fact that he pitches in the AL East, where he faces the Yankees and Red Sox line ups more than another other pitchers. Great pitching numbers are always hard to come by in the American League, but Roy Halladay is becoming a perennial ace.

The 30-year old Roy Halladay broke into the majors in 1998 with the Toronto Blue Jays. He struggled mightily in that year. At a point in the 2000 season, Halladay's ERA shot up above 10.00. He subsequently was sent to the minors.

In that time, Halladay changed from the conventional overhand style of pitching to the 3/4 delivery. Where before Halladay threw an overpowering (95 M.P.H.) yet straight fast ball, his new fast ball was slower (91 M.P.H.) but sinking. This turned Hallady from a power pitcher to ground ball pitcher, a role in which he has prospered.

Ground balls instead of strikeouts naturally mean fewer pitches and more double plays, which has helped Halladay keep his pitch totals down. Fantasy owners might prefer those pitchers who put up by strikeout totals, but Halladays wins and innings rank among the top pitchers in MLB.

Roy Halladay - Fantasy Baseball Pitcher

Roy Halladay Nickname

Naturally enough, Roy Halladay acquired the nickname "Doc", in reference to the Old West pal of Wyatt Earp. Despite the colorful title, Halladay remains in relative anonymity, because he plays in Toronto.

Not only is Toronto a faraway media center for most baseball fans, but the Blue Jays are chronically in third place behind New York and Boston. This means not only that they are seldom a division contender, but they inevitably lose out to the 2nd place AL East team for the lone wild card spot.

Despite that, smart fantasy owners overlook team accomplishments and find the best player available. Roy Halladay consistently posts some of the best pitching numbers in the American League.

In 2007, his totals are a 10-3 record with a 4.46 ERA and 68 strike outs. If your league puts higher emphasis on K's, then you might place Halladay a few spots down on the pitchers list. If your league emphasizes wins and losses, move him to the top of the rankings.

Halladay's 2007 ERA is nearly a point below his career total, which stands at 3.68. In his last seven starts, he is 1-0 with a 7.94 ERA. So you might keep an eye on how Halladay starts the second half of the season, because those numbers will get you killed in fantasy baseball.

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