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Fantasy baseball player profile - Roger Clemens.

Roger Clemens appears to be a waning factor in fantasy baseball.

It's hard enough on fantasy owners to see Roger Clemens sit out the first two months of every season. For re-drafts in recent years, owners have to weigh the options of drafting Clemens high and sitting on no production for a third of the season, or letting an opponent draft him low and see them roll out a Cy Young Award level pitcher for the last two-thirds of the season.

Inevitably, some knucklehead owner drafts Clemens too high, gets off to a sorry start the first six weeks of the season and then panics in mid-May, trading Clemens to one of your chief rivals. Well, the joke is on them this year.

Roger Clemens announced he was signing with the Yankees in early June, and he was hailed as the savior of the team. Ignoring 39 pennant wins and 26 World Series titles, Yankees broadcaster Suzyn Waldman even claimed Clemen's surprise announcement at a home game was one of the most exciting moments in Yankees history. Steinbrenner paid a pro-rated sum on a $28 million contract to secure Clemens for 2007, so Yanks fans hoped he would help them catch the hated Red Sox.

Roger Clemens - Fantasy Baseball Pitcher

That hasn't been the case. At 44 years old, the Hall of Fame pitcher looks like he may finally be finished as an elite thrower. After a couple of starts in the minors, he came up in mid-June and has posted a 2-4 record with a 4.20 ERA. His last start against the Devil Rays, who had lost 14 of 16 games in a row, was simply awful.

Of course, 4.20 isn't about average in the American League these days. But the Yankees didn't pay Clemens 20 million dollars to be average. He was paid to lead the Bronx Bombers to a come-from-behind win of the division over the Red Sox. Perhaps more realistically, he was expected to at least help the Yankees win the wildcard.

Now it is mid-July and the Red Sox are still 10 games ahead of the Yankees. The leader in the wildcard chase hovers about 8 games ahead of New York. Clemens doesn't have a whole lot of time to find his groove. Even if he collects himself a month from now and captures his old form, he won't have enough starts left to make a major difference in the playoff race.

Fantasy Impact of Roger Clemens

Of course, that hardly matters to Clemens fantasy owners. They are hoping for a starter to give them the edge in the wins and strikeouts categories. If he continues to lose games and give up rallies to the Devil Rays, he's not much more use to them than a Nationals or a Royals pitcher.

With 23 years of experience and 7 Cy Young Awards, Clemens has all the no-how one could want. It's just a matter of getting his aging body to perform anywhere close to where he has in the past, even at the level he performed at last year. Of course, remember that Clemens has spent the last 3 years with the Astros, so Clemens hasn't faced American League hitters every start since 2003.

There's a reason why old hitters go to the AL and old pitchers go the NL. The AL is a hitters league, so it looks like age and competition have finally caught up with the Rocket. At least Clemens's flame out will spare us a repeat of Suzyn Waldman's embarrassing performance.

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