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Robinson Cano was dropped into the fire when the Yankees brought him up from the minors to play 2nd base. He was only 22 at the time he took over full time duties with the Yanks. Joe Torre created a stir by comparing Cano's batting style and skill set to Hall of Famer Rod Carew. Needless to say, expectations were high in New York City.

In his first two years, Robinson Cano went a long way to satisfying many of the expectation. Hitting in the bottom part of the Yankees line up, Cano hit .297 to finish off his rookie campaign in 2005.

In 2006, his numbers got even better. Though an injury forced him out of the All-Star Game and the Yankees line up for a month, he still made a bid for the hitting title. After his return of August '06, Cano led the league in batting average, eventually finishing 3rd in the AL with a percentage of .342.

2007 Robinso Cano Struggles

Yankees fans and fantasy baseball owners expected another strong showing in 2007, but have so far been disappointed. Most fantasy experts and magazines had Cano in their top 20 to 30 players. His production has not come close to meeting those expectations.

Robinson Cano - Fantasy Baseball Hitting Stats

Robinson Cano's batting average dipped below .250 for a time, though he has surged back up to .272 at present. Inevitably, Cano's struggles have brought loud jeers from Yankees fans, while fantasy owners have gotten nervous. Still, as a 2nd baseman, Cano is around average at his position at the moment, and he should increase his numbers as the summer trails on. Unless you have Chase Utley, you're probably best served keeping Cano in the line up.

At 24, Cano remains one of the promising young middle infielders in baseball. In dynasty leagues, Robinson Cano should grow into a star player for years to come. Keep in mind that Cano has expressed interest in opting out of his New York deal, so he might be on the open market in the offseason. This means he won't have the protection of the Yankee hitters, but he will also be batting higher than 7th, so he should have a lot more at-bats and therefore production.

In daily fantasy baseball drafts, consider playing Robinson Cano if he is cheap enough and the match up is solid. The Yanks have been playing the Devil Rays recently, which is always a good time to start a player.

Robinson Cano Stats

Cano has a .272 average with 11 HR and 74 RBIs at present. His average is down 38 points from his career average at .308.

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