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Everyone wants Prince Fielder to be a feel good story. He was voted onto the starting lineup of the NL All-Star Team. With a famous father (Cecil Fielder) known for his girth and gaudy home run stats, it is natural to want to see the kid put together a career worthy of his father.

When the two appeared on McDonald's commercials hocking hamburgers, that only seemed natural. It's a shame the two don't talk these days, because Cecil apparently gambled away part of Prince Fielder's signing bonus. Cecil's history of domestic abuse and problem gambling are well-documented.

That being, said, Prince Fielder's career seems to be on the upswing. He is leading the National League in home runs this year (27 currently) and is a first-time All-Star for the Milwaukee Brewers. When the Brew Crew's starting 1st baseman was traded to Toronto last year, Fielder settled into the middle of the Brewers line up. Prince should be a fixture there for years to come. The signing bonus will be much bigger next time.

The Crown Prince - Prince Fielder, That Is

At 23, Prince Fielder has nowhere to go but up. His salary is a minuscule $400,000, making him a huge bargain for the Brewers. Fantasy owners probably got Fielder at a bargain price this year, at least for someone leading a league in homers. While he was a Top 75 selection in most drafts this year, you can expect him in the Top 20-30 next year due to those flashy home run totals.

2007 Prince Fielder Stats

Prince Fielder - Fantasy BaseballHis 2007 numbers are a .282 average with 27 homers and 66 RBIs. The batting average is solid for a power hitter, especially one who is so young. For owners in dynasty leagues, holding on to Fielder is imperative. Once he comes into his prime years, he should be a monster.

The RBI total is a little small for someone with nearly 30 homers, but that's more the fault of the Brewers line up in front of Fielder not setting the table for him properly. Hopefully, GM Doug Melvin will outfit a more potent line up in the years to come.

In the daily fantasy baseball game, Prince Fielder is an undervalued option. I've seen him given a minimum level salary designation, making him a salary cap buster for those owners looking for cheap production.

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Posted July 7, 2007.

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