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Fantasy baseball player profile - Paul Konerko.

Paul Konerko is the kind of solid locker room presence and team player that every championship team needs. Konerko is currently the captain of the Chicago White Sox team, having filled that for several years. He was a major part of the 2005 White Sox World Series Champion, taking home the Most Valuable Player Award for the American League Championship Series.

Paul Konerko is especially important on a team like the White Sox, with its loose cannon manager, Ozzie Guillen. The understated 1st baseman is a solid performer by the standards of fantasy baseball, but a stellar performer in terms of his position. When you draft Konerko to your fantasy team, the difference in him and many of the purely "defensive" catchers in the league is stark.

Fantasy Baseball Strategy - Paul Konerko

You might compare catchers in fantasy baseball to tight ends in fantasy football, where there are very few productive players at the position. This means that drafting one of the productive catchers is important, because you essentially have the advantage of playing 9 productive players against (your opponents') 8 productive players every day.

Paul Konerko - Fantasy Baseball

In salary cap leagues, you have to weigh the pros and cons of drafting a catcher high, though. Paul Konerko will inevitably be one of the most expensive catchers, meaning it might be better for you to save your money and draft more pitching or better hitters in the outfield positions.

In a daily fantasy baseball league like fantasysportslive.dom, Konerko is the most expensive catcher. Your strategy on catchers is especially pivotal, because you have to save money to pay for one of the expensive "can't miss" pitchers. In this case, look at the match ups and only draft Paul Konerko when he has an excellent pitching match up.

Paul Konerko Career Stats

Konerko's career statistics are a .282 average with 31 HRs and 101 RBIs per year. These stats have often come in pitchers ballparks, where Paul Konerko would be expected to put up fewer numbers. He spent time with the Los Angeles Dodgers and Cincinnati Reds, along with the White Sox.

Konerko was the 2004 Comeback Player of the Year in the American League. This came a year after he hit .234 for the year, down 70 points from 2003.

Paul Konerko 2007 Stats

Konerko is hitting .261 with 16 Homers and 45 Rbis at the moment. His batting average is down from his career average, though his production numbers are as solid as ever. As pitchers begin to wear down over the second half of the season, expect to see Konerko raise his batting average.

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Posted on July 8, 2007

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