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Matt Holliday is a relative newcomer to fantasy baseball, but he's quickly becoming one of the solid young stars in our game. He finished 5th in the National League Rookie of the Year voting in 2004. Since that time, he has consistently batted over .300 with solid power numbers.

No doubt, Matt Holliday is helped by hitting at Coors Field. His inflated stats in that hitters park might be cause for debate of his real world baseball talent, but that hardly matters in fantasy baseball. Take every advantage you can get, especially if you can get cheap production from a young Colorado Rockies star.

Of course, Matt Holliday has quickly become a known factor, despite arriving on the scene only three seasons ago. He was drafted around position #30 in most MLB fantasy drafts this season. So far, Matt has been worth the faith placed in him by rotisserie league owners.

Matt Holliday Career Numbers

Matt Holliday - Fantasy Baseball Batting AverageFor his short career, Matt Holliday has averaged a .316 batting average with 27 homers and 116 RBIs. At 27, Holliday should put up similar numbers for the next 5-7 years. If you have him in a dynasty league, don't dare trade him away. If you don't have him, see what you it will take to pick him up. Owners who are already used to his production probably won't part with him, except for a more famous star.

Keep in mind that Matt Holliday is the Rockies franchise these days. That may come as a surprise to those who equate Todd Helton with Colorado, but the Rockies tried to trade Helton last year to the Red Sox. What this means is that Holliday will be the Rockies man for years to come. You can expect Holliday, along with best friend and teammate, Garrett Atkins, to remain in the hitter-friendly atmosphere of Denver, and not be traded to some pitchers ballpark anytime soon.

2007 Matt Holliday Numbers

Holliday is hitting .339 with 16 dingers and 70 RBIs in 90 games in 2007. His runs-batted-in numbers project to around 130, which will put Holliday in rarefied air. Matt has shown marked improvement since his 2004 debut, with both his production totals and his contact numbers increasing every year. Holliday's 2007 average and RBIs should be the best of his young career, and there really is no telling where the upward limit of his ability will be.

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