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The Canadian-born Justin Morneau is quickly becoming one of the big stars of fantasy baseball. It looks like Justin Morneau will be a 1st round worthy selection for several years to come. At only 26, the Minnesota Twins stars is top ten in home runs and RBI's.

Paul Bunyan

Twins fans have taken to calling Justin Morneau "Paul Bunyan", for his stature and feats of strength. Morneau stands 6'4" and is the pounder in the Twins line up, knocking a solid 24 homers and knocking in 76 runs in the first half of 2007 alone. His numbers project to .295 with 45 HR and 140 RBI.

Justin Morneau's first full season with the Twins was in 2005, so this is a kid still figuring out the game. He spent significant parts of 2003 and 2004 in the majors, but only took over the starting position at first base in the last 60 games of 2004, when the Twins traded Doug Mientkiewicz to the Boston Red Sox.

Morneau teams up with Joe Mauer to give Twins fans hope for the future. With a 45-43 record at the All-Star Break, the Twins have a young nucleus to build on. Of course, their history is to develop young stars to trade to some other team, just as was the case with Mientkiewicz before Morneau. Hopefully, that won't be the case this time around, and the Minnesota franchise will do what it takes to compete for titles like they did in the late-eighties and early-nineties.

Justin "Paul Bunyan" Morneau - Fantasy Baseball

Justin Morneau Fantasy Impact

In most leagues, Morneau is already a known factor. But if you can trade for Justin for a veteran big name who is declining in skill level, that would be a good dynasty league move. Injuries slowed him in 2005, so 2006 was Morneau's first year of full effectiveness in the AL. Since he is tucked away in the oft-forgotten Twin Cities, you might get him for cheaper than he otherwise would.

His .327 average in 2006 is an indication of what Morneau is capable of. His 34 HR and 131 RBI will probably be surpassed this year. Heck, the home run total will be surpassed sometime in mid-August, I imagine.

Daily Fantasy Baseball and Justin Morneau

In daily fantasy contests like fantasysportslive.com, Justin Morneau comes at a cheaper price than veterans with lesser stats. Just in the last week, Justin helped a lot of teams win bets single-handedly with a 3 home run game.

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