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Jose Reyes is one of the most exciting players in fantasy baseball. Many fans of MLB consider him the most exciting player in the sport. His combination of speed and defensive prowess make the Mets shortstop something of a novelty in today's pro baseball. In a sport dominated by power hitters and steroid concerns, Jose Reyes is a throwback to the day of small-ball.

Since Jose Reyes broke into Major League Baseball in 2003, he has been one of its best base-stealers. His totals for 2005 and 2006 were 60 and 64, respectively. Reyes will easily surpass that this year. His 46 SB put him on a pace to exceed 80 for the season. Fantasy owners can expect to see Reyes post a steal every other game.

Reyes battled injuries early in his career, but that seems largely a thing of the past. He has also tightened up his swing over the years, so that he now is expected to have a yearly average over .300. He's a five-year veteran at the age of 24.

Jose Reyes - Fantasy Baseball Shortstop

Professor Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes is a fan favorite, not only because of his energetic style of play, but also because of his outgoing personality and infectious smile. Between innings at Mets home games, Reyes takes part in the pre-taped "Professor Reyes" segments. In this spots, Jose teaches Mets fans quick lessons in the Spanish language.

Fantasy Impact

If you look at Jose's yearly stats, you will see he continues to improve in virtually every facet of the game. For owners in dynasty leagues, adding and keeping the 24-year old is a solid idea. He might not have some of the power totals of the big-hitting shortstops in MLB. But if you play in leagues which award points for best weekly totals in different stats, his base-stealing will probably help you win the steals category many weeks out of the year.

In daily fantasy baseball, Reyes allows you to bet on a guy with a good average and steady steals production, instead of hoping for the home run and weathering frequent multiple strikeout games that most power hitters have.

With David Wright and Carlos Beltran hitting behind Reyes, you can expect to see him score a lot of runs for the Mets. And finally, if you are watching Mets games, it's just fun to have Jose Reyes on your team. I know that's not the primary motivation in fantasy sports, but there are some players who are more fun to watch than others in any sports. Jose Reyes is one of those players.

2007 Jose Reyes Totals

At the All-Star Break, Jose Reyes has a .387 on-base average and .307 batting average. He has 4 HRs and 35 RBIs with 46 stolen bases. Together with Carlos Beltran, who also provides the Mets with base-stealing and defense, the Mets are an old school team which I hope prospers. Their 48-39 record at the break has them 2 games ahead of the Braves in their division.

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