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Johnny Damon is a hired gun if ever there was one. Maybe starting one's career with the lackluster Kansas City Royals will do that to a man. After spending the 1995-2000 seasons with the Royals, Johnny Damon began a journey around the American League circuit looking for money and titles.

His first stop was a one-year jaunt with the Oakland Atheletics, where he helped place the A's on the MLB map once again. After that came his highly successful stint with the Red Sox, where Johnny Damon was one of the faces of ending the Curse against the Yankees. After the 2005, signed with those very same Yankees, only months after saying he wouldn't sign with the Yanks despite knowing they would offer the most money. Hey, it's the spotlight of playing in the pinstripes in the Big Apple.

Whatever you might say about his mercenary ways, Damon is one of the most productive lead off hitters in the leagues in the aughts. Since the year 2000, Johnny Damon is 3rd in the majors in runs and 7th in hits and stolen bases. Damon sets the table for his teammates, putting pressure on opposing pitchers by getting on base and moving into scoring position.

Cowboy Up - Johnny Damon

Johnny Damon - Fantasy Baseball

Johnny Damon is also one of the most recognizable players in the game. With his shock of long hair and scroungy beard, Johnny embodied the "Cowboy Up" attitude of the 2004 Red Sox. Fans have compared Johnny's look circa 2004 both to Jesus and a caveman. Boston fans revered Johnny for his free spirit. Sox fans loved a guy who was famous for chasing cars as a training technique in the offseason. I personally hate that money took him away from the team he became such a poster boy for, but it's baseball and time marches on.

Speaking of which, Johnny Damon is now 33, so there's no telling how many more years as an elite player he has left. I'm not sure if Damon is a Kenny Loften or Ricky Henderson in terms of longevity. He's played 145+ games every year since 1996, so he has certainly proved durable.

A Bronx Bomber - Johnny Damon

At the top of the Yankee lineup, Damon could be putting up better numbers. He is only hitting .252, which isn't good at all for a lead off hitter. I'm wondering what A-Rod and Abreu would have in terms of RBI's if Damon were doing his end of the job.

Still, Damon has walked 35 times and stolen 15 bases. Base stealing is a dying art, so being on a pace for 30 steals isn't that bad in the majors these days.

Fantasy Baseball Hitter Johnny Damon

You'll probably find better options to start at center field in your league, if it isn't too large. Lead off hitters not named Ichiro don't tend to dominate fantasy baseball, especially when that lead off is an outfielder.

If you're playing daily fantasy wagers with a salary cap, though, you might look at Damon according to the match up. There are worse things than playing Damon, if you can get him at a cheap price. If he does get on, there's a good chance that Jeter, Abreu or Rodriguez will knock him home.

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Posted July 7, 2007.

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