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Fantasy baseball owners who want to build a team around pitching should start with Johan Santana. Santana has led the American League in strikeouts the last three years. Johan Santana has won 55 games and 2 Cy Young Awards in the same time. With his combinations of wins and strikeouts, Santana is the best pitcher in all of fantasy baseball.

Johan Santana's Black Magic

The secret of Johan Santana's strikeout ability is pretty simple. Santana combines a 95-M.P.H. fastball with one of the best changeups in MLB. The change of pace is a deadly combination on the mound. He also mixes in a hard slider. He delivers the ball quickly, which is always important for the fielders behind a strikeout pitcher. Otherwise, they spend way too much time in the field.

Johan Santana tries to lure players to swing at fastballs down and away, just out of the strike zone. Because he can consistently throw his pitches just off the plate, he forces batters to strike at balls they normally wouldn't want to. Even if the hitters hit the ball, they are unable to make the natural contact which drives the ball.

Johan K Santana

Fans like to include the initial "K" in Santana's name, which is the standard baseball designation for strikeouts. Of course, Santana's middle initial isn't K.

West of the Hudson

Since the 28-year old plays in Minnesota, he remains in relative obscurity. If you listen to national sports broadcasts, the media continues to talk about the veteran pitchers for the East Coast teams like Roger Clemens and Kurt Schilling. No doubt, every league has that owner who would rather grab one of the familiar players than some kid on the Twins.

Career Stats

Santana struggled at the beginning of his career as a starter. Therefore, he moved to long relief until the 2003 season. In 2003, at the age of 24, he returned to the Twins rotation. Since that time, his stats have been among the best in the league.

Only once since 2003 has his ERA been over 3.00, while he has won at least 12 games a year.

Johan Santana 2007 Stats

This year, Santana has continued his dominance. He has a 10-6 record with a 2.75 ERA and 125 strikeouts. His strikeout totals for the past four years are 265, 238, 245 and 125 (at the All-Star Break). He is on a pace to be around 230-240 strikeouts this year. Fantasy Baseball News & Commentary/a>

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