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Joe Mauer is one of the golden boys of baseball. He is the first catcher to lead the American League in batting average at .347. Mauer modelled for Perry Ellis before he made it big in MLB. He does commercials for ESPN and Pepsi. He dated the winner of Chelsea Cooley, the winner of the Miss USA pageant. Heck, the Twins fans even call Joe Mauer "The Gentleman".

This is the kind of guy fans either love or hate, depending on whether he's on your team. Those who had Joe Mauer stashed away on their bench in 2006 got a huge boon when he broke out. No doubt, he's the starting catcher on every fantasy team lucky enough to have the guy these days. Dynasty league owners who drafted Joe Mauer ago will be annoying their opponents with this guy for years to come.

Joe Mauer - Fantasy Baseball Catcher - Hitting StatsAs it stands for Mauer's real life team, it looks like the Minnesota Twins have a solid young nucleus to build around. With the 26-year old Justin Morneau and the 24-year old Joe Mauer on board, the Twins has the New M&M Boys. Hopefully, the Twins will be able to keep these kids around for awhile. So many times in the recent past, the Twins traded their young stars when it looked like they were going to command to high of a salary in free agency.

Mauer is singed to a $33 million contract through 2010. So it looks like the Twins have tied their wagon to the "Gentleman", at least.

Joe Mauer Stats Page

Mauer has a .309 average this year, with 4 HRs and 37 RBIs. Those power totals are hurt by time spent on the DL, and Mauer has only played in 56 games this year. Of course, Joe Mauer is not a power hitter, so you shouldn't be too concerned what you are getting from your catcher in power hitting.

That's how you have to compare Mauer's production, against his fellow catchers. If you have a catching hitting well above .300 with a solid RBI total and your opponents have your standard catchers hitting .250 towards the bottom of their line up, you have a major fantasy advantage. For this very reason, Joe Mauer averaged being the 25th to 30th player drafted in leagues this year.

In daily fantasy wagers, Mauer is one of the more expensive catchers. You'll have to figure out your strategy at catcher is, to see whether you want to spend the little extra to have one of the premier catchers in baseball. You can do a lot worse than selecting a 24 year old kid who is already a career .300 hitter.

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