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Jason Giambi is one of the polarizing figures in baseball today. During his years with Oakland and for stretches during his New York Years, Jason Giambi has been one of the top fantasy performers in MLB. Those numbers caused whispers among fans of Major League Baseball, who thought Giambi was juicing up with steroids to help him with his power numbers.

To date, Jason Giambi is the only active player to have admitted to steroid use. He did so before a federal grand jury in the BALCO investigations. Giambi has admitted to using steroids from 2001 to 2003.

Coming into the 2004 season, it was wondered whether a "clean" Jason Giambi would be productive. Some even thought he should hand back some of his substantial salary ($23 million this year alone) to the Yankees. But when Giambi came on late in the year to help the Yanks make a playoff push, fans seemed to stop caring.

Jason Giambi - Fantasy Baseball Top 75 Hitters

Since that time, Jason Giambi has been a productive member of the New York roster, though he is not on the highest level of elite players anymore. I would rank Giambi in the Top 75 fantasy baseball players. Here's why.

Protection City

There is no other player more protected in fantasy baseball. There may be no better position to hit than 5th for the Bronx Bombers. Giambi hits between Alex Rodriguez and Hideki Matsui. He hits directly behind the Jeter-Abreu-Rodriguez, meaning he will have plenty of people on base for him to drive home.

Yankee Stadium

A left-handed power hitter in Yankee Stadium is always a good bet. It seems like Giambi has not always embraced the Yankee fans, who have certainly been critical of Giambi over the years. But with several years under his belt in the Big Apple, Jason seems to have settled into a comfort zone with the team.

Jason Giambi Stats

Giambi's career stats are impressive. He has a career .291 batting average with 35 HR and 113 RBI per year.

His 2007 year has been disappointing, mainly because he spent 15 days on the DL with an injured foot and has only played in 45 games. If you project his stats with an extra 30 or so games, his stats would be healthy enough, though unspectacular. Currently, he's hitting .262 with 7 HR and 23 RBI, so he could have 12 HR and 40 RBI if he had played full time.

At 36, fantasy owners will need to keep a constant eye on Jason Giambi's health. He'll be productive in the line up, but his body will probably start breaking down soon. If he abused steroids like we suspect he has, Giambi may eventually have to deal with periodic muscle tears and tendon problems.

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